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Coming Soon: 2016 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention

Chitungwiza – Final arrangements for the 2016 edition of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) have gathered momentum. Tiya...

Chitungwiza – Final arrangements for the 2016 edition of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) have gathered momentum.

Tiyambuke is a vernacular term denoting crossing over to the other side.

“It is God’s word to make us to crossover from a position of lack into a blessed situation,” explained Apostle Pride Sibiya, the founder of Glory Ministries.

Hosted every year in Zimbabwe – the international forum is scheduled for Glory Ministries church stand in Chitungwiza – while South Africa has its TICC version designated for April.
Apostle Pride Sibiya, Founder of Glory Ministries 

The 2016 edition will run under the theme: Stir up your Gift – in recognition of an array of talents dispersed around the church.

The church was established in the humble settings of Chitungwiza. Since then, it has spread its influence with 60 assemblies under its wing.

Slated for 28 August to 3 September – TICC will commence with a Mega Kids service – while sports festivities follow the next day.

The recent combined Sunday service was a forerunner for the upcoming conference. The church service was fronted by an array of gifts exhibited by various congregates.

Speaking during the service, Apostle Pride Sibiya was uncompromising.

“Some of the problems you are facing will take you far. As you endure your problems, hear the voice God. The devil will test you in the area of your calling.

“When you have a greater assignment – your trials are bigger. Are you seeing problems or Jesus – what you see are what you get? You are coming out of that situation. Jesus says lets crossover – no one can say no.”

TICC was preceded by a 21-day fast in August called Satan Tasa.

“During TICC God will be speaking to us for the next season. We will be revived and continue receiving strength. We will have world class stage and set up,” revealed National Overseer Maxwell Chinoruma.

Confirmed speakers include: Apostle Toggy Chivariro of the Ebenezer Tiri Munyasha fame – while Amai Gunguwo, a speaker who has transformed many couples’ lives will also grace the gathering.

Prophet Sibanda and Apostle Alexander Chisango will also contribute to the yearly gathering. 
Bethany Pasinawako Ngolomi will lead an array of entertainers.

Every church member is welcome to showcase various talents during the conference. 

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