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Harare Burning: Tajamuka to Go Ahead with Protest Despite Threats

Coordinators of the #Tajamuka/Sesijikile campaign yesterday vowed to forge ahead with their planned national shutdown scheduled for tomorro...

Coordinators of the #Tajamuka/Sesijikile campaign yesterday vowed to forge ahead with their planned national shutdown scheduled for tomorrow, despite threats by Zanu PF youths and State security agents.

Hardlife Mudzingwa, one of the pressure group’s leaders, told journalists in the capital that tomorrow’s shutdown was part of their sustained campaign to force President Robert Mugabe to relinquish power over his failure to solve political and socio-economic crises besetting the country.

“We don’t have time to respond to empty threats by Zanu PF, but let me just inform you that the young people in this country have suffered for a long time and we will not allow any unruly elements to continue what they used to do, which is violence,” he said.
Harare Burning 

“We will build safety in numbers. We are not a violent campaign and we will not involve ourselves in violence.”

Mudzingwa said they will be taking their campaign to Sadc and that they will hold peaceful marches weekly until Mugabe steps down, “hopefully before December”.
Speaking at the same event,

#ThisFlower campaign leader Stern Zvorwadza said they will continue piling pressure on the Zanu PF government until it succumbs.

“This day should be historic and be a day that we say enough is enough. As we participate in this process, we should not be deterred by the brutality of the State. We should stay clear in mind and clear in heart that the fight is on and this fight will end the game,” he said.

Meanwhile, Masvingo police yesterday arrested seven activists at the launch of new protest campaign dubbed #Tasvinura.

They were named as Brighton Ramusi, Prosper Mutombeni, Prosper Tiringindi, Hardlife Tangai, Chido Mashayamombe, Clara Mataga and Belina Mlambo.

Their lawyer, Philip Shumba, said his clients had not yet been formally charged at the time of going to print last night. - Newsday

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