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Love or Spirit: ‘I will Not Cheat on My Dead Husband’

Eunice Ncube, widow to the late Cephas Mashakada, says she is still living with her husband and ‘consults him’ on every move she makes.  ...

Eunice Ncube, widow to the late Cephas Mashakada, says she is still living with her husband and ‘consults him’ on every move she makes. 

The popular musician died on August 23, 2011 but Eunice says he still around and she will not have any male partner in her life. 

“I’m still living with my husband even if he is dead. I talk to him whenever I embark on a business, when I extend the house, when I go to Tanzania and this is why I have been successful”. 

Mai Mashakada- as she is fondly known says she would not betray her late husband by engaging into relationships. Prostitution is from your heart, your mind. 
Wife of Late Musician says She Still Consult her Late Husband 

No man comes into my gate expect those men who bring their wives for counselling. You can ask anyone from outside my gate, they will tell you that Mashakada’s house has been turned into a counselling home,’ she said.

She opened up in a wide-ranging interview at her Unit B house in Chitungwiza. “No man shall touch my body till death as I agreed with my late husband. 

So far, I have not come across a handsome, loving, caring and sweet talking man like Mashaks. Cephas was good to me in and out; I thank God and still fulfilling every grain of the wishes we planned to target as husband and wife”. 

She said she felt like she was still living with her husband. “I am still fulfilling all we agreed as husband and wife. So soon I want to display his instruments”.

Mai Mashakada, who was legally married to Sounds of the Muddy Face leader, said she managed to extend the house she inherited from her late husband. She claims that after the death of Mashakada there was a couch that was left vacant and no one sits there. 

“I spend days out on business as I travel to different countries like China, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa selling our wares. That is why you see my home now extended."
"And I can’t cheat on him, if he cheated on me when he was still alive. When we meet, he is going to ask for forgiveness and I will forgive him because I still love him."

However, there is a believe that spiritual spouses can attach themselves to a spouse - and these will s.exually manipulate their host and may end up losing interest in the opposite se.x.  

“Whenever a widow or every married woman is proposed se_xual love by any man they are the ones who would have seduced them. So all women and children, boys included, please respect God-given bodies. It pains me so much that these days you see a lady old widow putting on dresses that seduce men or mourners”. - H-metro

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