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Magaya Rape: 5 Women Confess of Political Influence

Hours before Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya was arrested on rape charges last Friday, at least five w...

Hours before Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya was arrested on rape charges last Friday, at least five women confessed that they had been approached by shadowy figures to make up allegations of either being raped or having slept with the popular preacher, a recording of last week’s service reveals.

The dramatic events were also watched live across the world on Magaya’s Yadah TV.

Magaya, is presently out on $2 000 bail after a young Midlands State University student reported to the police that she was raped by the charismatic preacher last year.

The student said Magaya raped her at his house in Mt Pleasant. The student was not part of those who made the confessions.

During the church service last Friday, Magaya expressed love for Zimbabwe as well as President Robert Mugabe, whom he said was appointed by God before calling on the women to make the confessions watched by thousands.
Prophet Walter Magaya

According to Magaya, some politically-connected individuals with political connections have been hatching plans for a long time to nail him using desperate ladies.

“Their plan is to convince all the top offices, which they have done today (Friday before arrest) and they labelled me a rapist,” said Magaya.

The plan, Magaya said, involved roping in all young ladies who appeared close to him to malign him.

“I have called this daughter of mine Precious, she has a confession to make and I want you to forgive her, and also tell your neighbour to forgive her.

“About a month ago, she was proposed to by a man with a name that starts with a V, this man convinced you, and you are in love with him, but on the way, this man convinced you to hurt me in a way, it was not your choice,” said Magaya.

The young lady confessed that indeed that was the plan. Magaya went on: “A certain man whose name starts with a T, this man promised you $30 000,” said Magaya, asking one of the ladies during the church service prior to his arrest.

“This man was working with three other men then, what did they want from you?’’ asked Magaya.

In response, the young lady said, “When they called me, they wanted me to say that I had slept with you, they promised me $100 000, they were going to take a video of me confessing that I had slept with you”.

One of the ladies named Precious confesses in the church that some of the men threatened her if she did not warm up to their idea to “expose Magaya.”

“…In this church, there is a man called Tindo, he said to me Precious come here and I got into his car and there were other men inside and Tindo produced a gun, he said are you a child of Magaya and all of them started to say bad things about you”.

The lady said the whole plot began on July 6, last month. In the video, Magaya said his plan to build houses had also angered some top government officials, some of whom also have housing projects that are failing to take off the ground.

“After the unveiling of houses in Bulawayo, there are very, very senior people who were upset with me and they want me arrested,” said Magaya before he was arrested.

Magaya also reveals in a riveting account that he had bought houses for some of his followers and workers but did not proceed to hand them over because he became wary of what people could say in the event he handed them to the church ushers for instance.

During the service, as many as five girls confessed to having been approached by the shadowy Tindo to build a case against the charismatic preacher. - Daily news

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