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Mattress Moves: What His Favourite Position in Bed Says About Him

There are many different positions out there that you can do while between the sheets, some of them are 'classics' - and some of th...

There are many different positions out there that you can do while between the sheets, some of them are 'classics' - and some of them can make your current situation look like child’s play. 

But haven’t you ever wondered why your guy likes to perform in the same position over and over again? Just take a look at these positions and see if your man fits the mold. 

Does your man fits any of the categories.

This is love making 101. Although it's the most classic position known to man and, for most of us, the first position we ever tried. It can however, get quite boring.

According to studies, men who prefer this position are either insecure and want to look at his partner to be reassured he’s doing a good job, or shows that he likes to be in control due to the fact that he is the one doing most of the work.
Intercourse Position Says a Lot About Your Man 

Also, this position can be considered the most romantic and intimate. In other words, he’s probably just as basic as this position.

Do.ggy style 
This position is another classic. If your man likes to do it from behind that typically means he’s not much of a romantic type. 

Don’t fret though, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like making love to you, it probably means he has intimacy issues. When it's all said and done though, what guy doesn’t like this position?

If your guy likes to stand while you are having s.ex he’s most likely an adventurous type. This means he’s not afraid of getting a little naughty or doing it in a public place. 

This also means you have a strong man that wants to please you whenever he can.

In public 
This can be a tricky one to pull off and if done properly, it can be fun. If your guy enjoys being intimate in public he may be a bit of a show off and definitely an exhibitionist. Even though this can get you in trouble it would definitely be a tale to tell one day.

You on top 
Some may call your guy lazy for liking this position, but according to research men who prefer this position actually prefer it because their partner typically does. 

He gets off on the fact of you getting off and isn’t afraid of being submissive but still being dominant. It means more about you than about him.

Reverse cowgirl 
This guy is similar to the guy who likes the “you on top” position. He cares for your needs and will do whatever to get you off and make you happy. The only difference is that he’s not afraid to get a little bit more frisky which is never a bad thing.

Beach at night 
There is nothing like making love under the stars hearing the waves crash against the shore line. If your man is like this, he’s a romantic and not afraid to get wild. If he likes this all the time and never in the privacy of your own home, run.

Being held while you fall asleep can be a glorious thing. Being held in this position while making love could be an even more glorious thing. If your man likes this position, it means he’s not afraid of intimacy and being romantic, and he likes to feel that connection.

The jackhammer 
This one isn’t much of a position, as it’s more of an act. If this is your man, he has some real control issues. He likes to be in control too much and only is in it for himself. 

It's time to take the reins back and show him how it's supposed to be done. - Online Sources 

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