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Millionaire Mindset: 12 Tips for a Successful Lifestyle Before 25 Years

There are tips leading to successful lifestyle that one should follow before they attain 25 years - and if these are appropriately implemen...

There are tips leading to successful lifestyle that one should follow before they attain 25 years - and if these are appropriately implemented - they will certainly lead to a more satisfying life.   

Eating health food
We know it’s easy to lean towards cheap or canned food, especially when it feels like your paycheck isn’t going to make it.

But you can always cut on other things to make sure that you’re feeding your body the right stuff. Take the time to examine your eating habits and adjust accordingly.

How to live on a budget
In a desperate attempt to always catch up with trends, it’s easy to lose track of where your money is going.

This is so unhealthy. Here’s our advice: track your expenses in a small notebook or even on a mobile app and learn how to ball on a budget. It is possible.
12 Tips for a Succesful Life Before 25 Years 

How to dress appropriately
Please don’t show up to a job interview wearing flip flops (yes, it’s happened before). Showing up to events under-dressed might be forgivable, but when you’re 25, you should know better.

How to take care of your body
No, we’re not saying you need to cut carbs, stop drinking, or become a tri-athlete. But you should have some type of health insurance. You should know how to make your own medical appointments.

You should know that some form of exercise should be part of your weekly routine. Your metabolism turns to shit as you get older; it’s time to start giving a fuck about your body.

How to handle criticism
Distinguish the difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Every aspect of your life, especially if you’re a woman, will be dissected and judged by literally everyone—people who do it out of concern and people who do it out of spite.

Sure it’s easy to dismiss people and just “do you,” but there are some pretty wise people out there. Know which voices to listen to.

How to ask for a raise
Or how to negotiate for a salary before you accept a job. People always shy away from talking about money. Why? If you’re producing quality work and you know that you deserve more for the amount they’re making you do, ask for what you’re worth.

No, you’re not being spoiled. You’re also not taking advantage of the company. If you’ve worked hard to build a career and hone certain skills that make you indispensable, ask.

How to reach out for help
Even strong, independent women need a little help sometimes. Successful people recognize the power of working as a team, the effectiveness of delegating tasks, and the importance of learning.

How to interact with people you don’t like
As a grown-up, you no longer have the luxury of avoiding every person you don’t want in your “circle.” (Unless you don’t care about being the office asshole.)

Work projects will force you to interact with people you don’t like and you have to maintain some semblance of human decency. You don’t have to like that person, but mutual respect goes a long way.

How to form and defend your own opinions intelligently
Just because it’s a popular opinion doesn’t mean it’s the right one. Be open to hearing other people out and don’t resort to name-calling just because you don’t like where the conversation is going.

You aren’t a child anymore—and even then, name-calling was annoying. Imagine seeing a grown ass woman doing that.

How to hold yourself accountable
When you make a mistake, and you will, own up to it! Blaming other people for your errors in judgment or your wrong life decisions is SO tacky. The world isn’t out to get you. You’re responsible for a lot of the good (and a lot of the shit) in your life.

How to say no
Say no to people who take advantage of your kindness. Say no to people who insist on doing activities you simply just can’t afford right now. Say no to people who extra work-related things that disrupt your work-life balance.

Say no if you’re unavailable, uncomfortable, or not in the mood. And most importantly, say no to yourself—just because you want it right now, doesn’t mean it’ll do you good in the long run.

How to ask for what you want in a relationship
Giving your partner the cold shoulder for when he or she can’t figure out what you want is stupid.

Not asking for answers you need is counterproductive! Even if you’re afraid of the answer, ask. Assumptions will eat you alive. - Online Sources 

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