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Famous and Powerful: Meet Harare’s Celebrity Power Couple

If you are one of those people who follow the lifestyles of powerful celebrity couples the world over, then you obviously know that the lik...

If you are one of those people who follow the lifestyles of powerful celebrity couples the world over, then you obviously know that the likes Kimnye – short for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – among others, command the status of being some of the most famous powerful celebrity couples. 

Although this is not a new phenomenon in Western countries like the United States, Zimbabwe has however not been left out in the craze.

The country has its own share of powerful celebrity couples who always turn heads whenever they appear in public.

Interestingly is the fact that these powerful celebrity couples are derived from various spheres of life, be it religion, politics, business, the arts and entertainment and sport, among other sectors.

Some even flaunt their love and flirts on social media but the questions on everyone lips, is who are Harare’s powerful couple.
Prophet Emanuel Makandiwa 

Love them, hate them but they ooze you with envy.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and wife Ruth
Through their ministry, the United Family International Church, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and his wife Amai Ruth Makandiwa have set a good example of how a celebrity couple should lead by example.

Through their various charity missions, as well as the ministry, this couple deserves the tag of being one Harare’s powerful celebrity pairs. 

They have inspired many couples on the way that they should walk together in love, respect, harmony and care for one another. They say ‘a couple that prays together stays together’.

Charles Charamba and Mai Olivia Charamba
In music, we believe this is the strongest and powerful of them all. Not because of their voices but this inseparable couple has been together for many years now and have managed to weather the storms that have buffeted them for a long time with the intention of ripping their marriage apart.

But true to the saying of “till death do us part”, the gospel music couple has been there for one another, both on the domestic, artistic and church set-up. 

Their collaboration on stage has always worked out magic, while their charity work has also further cemented their relationship. Many Harareans, if not Zimbabweans, celebrate them for this commitment to one another.

Walter Mzembi and wife Barbara Hernandez MzembiThere are one powerful couple who have shown the importance of being always there for one another. 

Whenever they appear in public, the pair has always lived up to the billing of being a “tourist attraction” through the way that they do their things, from etiquette, dressing, unpretentiousness, style and swag.

Barbara Hernandez Mzembi is originally from San Jose, Cuba and relocated to Zimbabwe in 1998.

Zodwa Mtunzi and Genius Kadungure
The business mogul couple are continuing to rule the roost not only in business but travelling too. The couple are believed to be on their top of the game when it also comes to buying the latest of the range cars too. 

The lovely couple also sometimes flaunt it on social media, updating the world what they are up to. They recently built their mansion dubbed the Domboshava palace by many. With their wealth, they have managed to host exquisite and poshy birthday parties. 

Are they the next Beyonce and Jay Z of Zimbabwe?

Vanessa Ellen Chiyangwa and Tanaka ChirongaSo when flamboyant Chiyangwa daughter, Vanessa Ellen decided to get married to Tanaka Chironga son of dentist Dr Lesley Chironga and Faith Chironga, a pharmacist they did it in style as they flew to Seychelles with their close relatives and family members. 

The couple can be rated is one of the celebrity power couple around because, theirs is like a reality television show because they always flaunt it on social media, loving and cuddling.

Last week they were in Bali, Indonesia for their honeymoon anniversary.

Vanessa went on to post: “Good morning never felt better.. @mrsc_blessed #couple #love”. They are like Zimbabwe’s Kanye and Kim West because of the kind of the lifestyle they are living. - The Herald 

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