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Joice Mujuru: Robert Mugabe Pushing Zim Into Colonisation:

Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader Joice Mujuru said President Robert Mugabe’s rule has eroded the gains of the country’s hard-fought indep...

Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) leader Joice Mujuru said President Robert Mugabe’s rule has eroded the gains of the country’s hard-fought independence and his attitude towards people is as bad as the former colonisers.

Addressing her supporters at a rally at Phelandaba Stadium in Gwanda yesterday, Mujuru said Mugabe and his Zanu PF government have shown a ruthless streak towards people which was not consistent with the values and ideals of independence.

“We left Zanu PF because what we had fought for had been reneged on,” said Mujuru. “Many people were maimed, lost their lives during the liberation war, some were detained and suffered to liberate this country.

“In 1980, we thought finally we were free from white minority rule but sooner than later there was a conflict between Zanu and Zapu before unity.
Joice Mujuru During a Rally 

“But from that unity nothing came out as Zanu PF started reneging on its promises,” added Mujuru. Mujuru was sacked from Zanu PF in the run-up to the 2014 December congress and untested charges of plotting to assassinate Mugabe.

The respected former vice president was fired alongside high-profile Zanu PF officials who included Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo who are now part of her team at the ZPF.

“I was persecuted because I had indicated on a number of occasions that what we fought for was no longer a reality as we were back again to that era where we were oppressed,” Mujuru told her supporters.

“There is no more unity in this country. Why should people fight when the government has got a duty to make sure that its citizens have a better life through economic development?” Mugabe is battling to contain growing civil unrest as ordinary Zimbabweans protest his disastrous government.

Mujuru and her colleagues within the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) are planning to hold massive demonstrations in 210 constituencies this weekend over outstanding electoral reforms.

Yesterday, she bemoaned lack of progress in Matabeleland South despite its rich gold deposits and being the hub of cattle ranching. She blamed Mugabe for marginalising the region while turning to what she said was blind eye to corruption involving Zanu PF bigwigs.

“Corruption is all over, imagine we have an individual owning a 52-bedroomed house, where did you get that money when everybody else is suffering?

“Right now, we have a country that doesn’t know where $15 billion went to as if it’s just a small amount. “What kind of a government is that?” she asked rhetorically. - Daily News

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