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Mega Dad: Apostle Pride Sibiya Reveals his Birthday Wishes

Harare – He is a father to multitudes of sons and daughters – a loving dad to the despised – and still, he wishes to add even more offspring...

Harare – He is a father to multitudes of sons and daughters – a loving dad to the despised – and still, he wishes to add even more offspring to his ever-expanding family.

An apostle by calling – he is an evangelist at heart – and his greatest desire is to recruit more believers into God’s Kingdom – and eventually to Heaven.

By @Comic24Derick

As Apostle Pride Sibiya (APS) observes his 38th birthday on September 5 – the founder and president of Glory Ministries permitted to pose questions to him on this special occasion. Could you please share your personal reflections about your life – and how this day has changed your life view?

APS: I would like to believe my life was a miracle considering the devil wanted me dead. When I was young I would give prophetic messages. Not many thought I would live longer. Now that I am 38, I see God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all. My life is a reflection of what God can do to any other life.
"My Greatest Wish is to Grant us Mega Souls and Churches so that we Influence the World'": Apostle Pride Sibiya  
tinzwei: How do you intend to spend the day – anything special planned?

APS: I will spend the day resting with my family – it is a day of resting.

tinzwei: As you celebrate your 38th birthday – what is your message to your family, sons and daughters in ministry and the Christian community at large?

APS: Though I fail in some instances, I really love my family. Sons and daughters in the ministry are gifts from God apart from the trinity. God has used them to take the ministry and my life to a new level.

To the Christian community: know that God is faithful and is still in control – Zimbabwe is still in God’s hands. Talk to your situation about how great God is. Let us win souls – and may God richly bless the body of Christ.

tinzwei: Your birthday comes soon after Tiyambuke – is there a special connection?

APS: We moved Tiyambuke from April to September for convenience. But when people cry for deliverance, God sends a baby. The birth of a prophet symbolises the crossing over from lack to abundance – from ignorance to knowledge. Even in Egypt Moses was sent to deliver the Israelites.

tinzwei: What would be your greatest wish on your birthday?

APS: My greatest wish is to spend time with my family somewhere far off. I am now wiser than before. May God take me higher?

But my greatest wish is to use the zeal and knowledge so that many souls may be saved and taken to Heaven. It is also for God to grant us Mega souls and churches so that we influence the world.

Tinzwei Is A Worth Voyage For Those In Pursuit For Up-To-Date World Events.

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