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Mystical Beings: Man kidnapped by ‘Witches, Survives on Urine in Granary'

A 27-year-old man from Ntobe area in Silobela was reportedly kidnapped by mystical beings that took him to the granary of a neighbour. Whi...

A 27-year-old man from Ntobe area in Silobela was reportedly kidnapped by mystical beings that took him to the granary of a neighbour.

While in their care for three days they forced him to drink urine for survival.

Narrating his strange ordeal to B-Metro, Gibson Moyo said he was heading home last Wednesday evening and suddenly had a blackout and found himself in Elijah Ngazimbi’s granary.

“When I was almost home I had a blackout. I don’t know how I got into the granary. I stayed with cats that forced me to drink urine,” he said without giving the number of cats.
Man Claims he was Kidnapped by Witches 

He escaped with the help of a traditional healer, Abel Fuzane who had visited the homestead where Moyo had been held captive.

Fuzane is said to have then treated Moyo after the kidnap ordeal. “He gave me a concoction and after that I recovered,” said Moyo.

Fuzane could not be located to confirm the story. But Ngazimbi said he took in Moyo as a patient and kept him in a bedroom hut.

“There are people who want to portray me as a witch. The truth is that he was in one of the bedrooms, never in the granary,” said Ngazimbi.

It seems Ngazimbi is now a feared “witch” because Moyo’s aunt, Adonio Ncube, thinks the creatures will go for their children.

“I am afraid the things that kidnapped Moyo will come for our children,” she said. After recovery, Moyo attacked Ngazimbi and his wife Lizah.

“I was relaxing on my bed at around 8.30 pm when Moyo came over accusing me of bewitching him by putting him in my granary. He hit me with a log several times while I was naked. I tried to fight back and my wife joined in the fray. 

"We fought him and I managed to run away naked to seek refuge at my neighbour’s homestead,” said Ngazimbi. Moyo remained beating Ngazimbi’s wife Lizah and fractured her arm in the process.

“If it wasn’t for my neighbour who came to my rescue, Moyo was going to kill me. I bled excessively from the attack and a neighbour rushed me to a clinic,” Lizah told B-Metro.

The village head Debra Ngwenya confirmed the incident. “We discussed the matter at my traditional court and saw it appropriate that we hand it over to the chief,” she said.

Chief Malisa said he will look into the matter this weekend. - B Metro

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