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Tiyambuke 2016: Day 3 – Live Broadcast from Bethel Worship Centre

Chitungwiza – Praise God – we have entered the third day of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 – and as usual – tinz...

Chitungwiza – Praise God – we have entered the third day of Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 – and as usual – will give you live updates from the Media Centre at Bethel Worship Centre.

Friday, 02 September – Day 3, Morning session
10:00 am: Intercession team makes way for the Praise and Worship and team to lead congregates in song and dance.

10:30: International Overseer Shiloh Masiyenyama introduces Apostle Pride Sibiya who in turn leaves time to his spiritual father, Apostle Alexander Chisango to lead the morning session: Responsible sons, daughters – Responsible fathers.

11:00: God gives a gift to men to preach to others – use your gift. A stone can give out water – it only waits for a gift from a person.A son is allowed to use his father's power to achieve greatness, like Moses to strike the rock in the desert.
Apostle Alexander Chisango 

11:15: A word can water dry places. A gift can be abused by a person to suit his selfish needs. God waits to see if you know you have a gift in your life - and sometimes He will not intervene because you have a talent to solve it - but He needs fruits.  

11:30: Be responsible and organised with your gift and use it wisely. Be a monitor and governor of your gift. What you do will involve your father's name as well. A gift has a covenant within it.

11:45: You can be in a dry place, calling to God but He has already offered you a gift to succeed as long as you are a responsible son or daughter. You must stand up the word. You must write down prophetic words and watch over them. When a blessing is said, you are blessed, so you must use it. A gift is noticed when you start to act.

Mid-morning Session
12:00 pm: God never died for pastors to make money but for souls to be saved, said Apostle Sibiya. We need more full-time workers in God's work. You must take care of your Pastors in order to pray for you, more time for the ministry.
Apostle Pride Sibiya 

12:15: A rich father is the one with responsible sons and daughters. Don't let others take care of your pastors.

10 reasons why you must take care of your pastor
  • God likes His servants to prosper 
  • Those that minister from the alter must eat from the alter 
  • A servant of God must reap from his/her people 
  • His expenses must be taken care by the church 
  • Giving is a blessing and a proportion to what you do to a servant of God 
  • He/she is the personal brand of the ministry 
  • It is the responsibility of the church to send missionaries 
  • His/her family has the same needs as others 
  • He/she is lid over your life 
  • Satan uses people 
Prophet E.G Sibanda 
1:30: There is a certain way we fight our enemies but there are places that must be occupied to win the war. Don't seek to understand how God speaks to His servant. What a servant of God does has a benefit to your life.

1:45: Don't spend time trying to understand the servant God because some of actions are prophetic and will benefit you.

2:00: Moses was testing Aaron's maturity when he never spoke to them on the mountain. you need to interpret and open your eyes. You must act without instructions. The faith that many people have is for self benefit - when God gives an opportunity to serve is a chance to grow.

2:15: When God calls you, what gauges you is your response. And those with the ability but do not response. If you don't respond, God will use someone.

2:30: If God has done something for you, you must respond. When you testify, you are advertising God's power. Before you become bitter, ask of the process. Your blessing is a by-product of a major vision.

Prophetic and Deliverance Night 
7:00: People start to arrive for the Prophetic and Deliverance Night with anticipation as Prophet Sibanda of Living Christ Deliverance Ministries is expected to take the stage later.

7:30: Apostle Toggy Chivaviro on state singing his popular tunes to the appreciating crowd.

8:45: Prophet Sibanda now on stage. He is now prophesying to a lady with a persistent sickness - and he says God will heal her tonight if she makes the right decision.

9:00: Men in the physical world are boys in the spiritual realm. Goliath came with an intention to fight with a young man - he thought it was a walk over. I see David rising inside some people - Goliath is about to go down.  

9:30: Prophet Sibanda is now prophesying and delivering people at Tiyambuke 2016.

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