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Tiyambuke 2016: Day 4 – Broadcasting Live from Bethel Worship Centre

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 has entered its fourth – and final day – as usual – wil...

Chitungwiza – Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC) 2016 has entered its fourth – and final day – as usual – will offer you live updates from the Media Centre at Bethel Worship Centre.

Saturday, 03 September – Day 4, Morning session
10:00 am: Intercession team makes way for the Praise and Worship and team to lead congregates in song and dance.

10:30: Apostle Pride Sibiya continues teaching on Responsible sons and daughters, Responsible fathers. You must do more than your father - its your responsibility to great things.  
Apostle Pride Sibiya 

Ten traits of a responsible father 
  • Fathers give sound doctrine to their sons and daughters 
  • They give good gifts to their sons
  • Must be given access to cultivate you
  • To prophecy and bless their children 
  • To preserve a generational link against generations 
  • To love his sons and not abuse authority
Apostle Pride Sibiya and Apostle Alfred Jaka 

12:00pm: Apostle Alfered Jaka, - a surprise guest is introduced to the congregates. He says, we are becoming more religious than being in connection with God. We must not be limited with time

12:30: Contributing on responsible sons, he said, the only man that does not have a spiritual father is the devil - if you don't have a father, you cannot be saved. You connect with your father spiritually - fathers usher us into the next level. And you must connect your church with your spiritual father.

Impartation Night 
People gather in preparation of the closing night dubbed: Impartation Night to be led by the founder of Glory Ministries, Apostle Sibiya.

7:00: Testimonies and items being presented in preparation of the main speaker to take the stage.

7:30: Popular Gospel diva Bethan Pasinawako is now on stage and the crowd loves every minute of it.

8:00: Various Glory Ministries servants of God being introduced various District Pastors to the appreciative crowd. Glory Ministries current has 61 assemblies - and aims to have at least 100 assemblies by year end.

9:00: Apostle Sibiya now doing deliverance, on various challenges including spiritual spouses, marine spirits, diseases, anti-marriage, goblin and avenging spirits. People are vomiting foreign objects at the command of his voice.

9:15: Numbers 11 vs 17. You can't talk of impartation without deliverance. A gift will make room for you with great people. Some are not poor because we are no educated but you are not using your gift.

9:30: Every church has a mixed multitude that cause other people to sin. There is something called the spirit of the servants of God. Is there anything called a news spirit no, its is imparted, to share with others what you have like Moses's spirit was shared with 70 elders. There is new anointing, it has been here on earth - and imparted on us.  

9:45: Jesus released the breath of like and Apostles laid hands on people. What is the spirit of a man? Spirit is Greek word meaning deep breath - releasing life. The spirit of a man is integrity, grace, power and anointing upon his life. How do you receive impartation. The spirit you respect, you attract. You receive impartation by hearing.

10:00:  Be careful of whom you listen to. The deeper level of hearing is obeying. Secondly by seeing. To follow in the footsteps of servant of God. Thirdly is to touch, even by the servant of God - and the heart of man of God by standing with the men of God. Jesus died for souls to be saved. I am releasing the spirit of Mega Souls and churches.    

10:15: Apostle Sibiya now imparting God's spirit upon the congregates on various gifts, teaching, prophesying, apostleship among others.

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