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Women Abuse: 'Healer' Impregnates 13 Girls in a Month

A Chitungwiza-based self-styled prophet reportedly impregnated 13 women at his shrine within five months; with eight of the women allegedly...

A Chitungwiza-based self-styled prophet reportedly impregnated 13 women at his shrine within five months; with eight of the women allegedly moving in with him on the same day. 

Madzibaba Wishborn Awin Kamuta, now known as Chitova or Chirigazvidya, is a member of the Johanne Masowe Nyenyedzi Nomwe sect and operates from a shrine in Manyame, Chitungwiza.

The women in question are aged between 15 to 25 and are members of his church. Some church followers said the prophet fell in love with the women and girls when they came to his shrine for prayers.

The women allegedly came to the shrine seeking charms to either strengthen their chances of getting married or solidifying their marriages.
The 'Self-proclaimed Prophet' Impregnated 13 Girls in One Month 

He allegedly threatened the women who would have spurned his overtures with death or misfortune.
Madzibaba Wishborn, who is originally from Chinhoyi, now resides at a client’s house in St Marys, Chitungwiza some 25km from Harare.

The client also allowed him to use his field as a shrine. During a recent visit to the shrine, two girls who had eloped to the man were present.

Other women who also eloped are Madzimai Mirriam, Garaba, Tariro, Melissa and Nomatter. But talk was that two other young women, identified as Mercy and Nyasha, had also eloped to Chirigazvidya that day.

Another woman, identified as Madzimai Getrude, who is also a prophetess at the shrine is reported to have dumped her husband for Chirigazvidya.

One of the women, Nyasha, said she first met Madzibaba Wishborn after visiting the shrine seeking assistance with her love life.

“The prophet advised me that there was no bright future for me and my boyfriend. He said the man was haunted by demons and would soon leave me.

“He also said that he was in love with me. We then had sex on the same day he proposed, but he refused to use a condom,” Nyasha said.

She said she later heard that Madzibaba Wishborn was having affairs with several other women at the shrine. “We did not know each other and never suspected that we were all having affairs with him.

“It was Melissa and I who let the cat out of the bag. He must be possessed because he goes after all these women here. He is not even afraid of contracting diseases,” she said.

Despite his several women, Madzibaba Wishborn is still single but visits all the women he has affairs with.

Madzimai Gertrude refuted claims that she was in love with the prophet although she admitted breaking up with her husband.

Asked for comment Madzibaba Wishborn admitted having affairs with some of the women who visited his shrine but expressed doubts that he was responsible for all the pregnancies. He claimed some of his alleged victims are prostitutes who he has helped with prayers.

“Some of them are prostitutes who I fell in love with after coming to me seeking assistance so that they could get more men at the bars and clubs. “I only asked them out and we had sex.

Since they frequent the bars and several nightspots, I cannot say I am responsible for these pregnancies. As you know even Julius Nyerere Way in Harare is used by many people and no one can claim it,” he defended himself. He then said he was only responsible for impregnating one of the women, Nomatter.

“All these are lies. People are trying to tarnish my name. I used to pray with Goddie who is using the people against me. I only know of Nomatter who is carrying my child and I know you are being used by Goddie.

“Come and face me because it is useless playing hide and seek with me. Please, tell me the names of the other women you are talking about.

“I am going to pursue this issue to the end. I will not stop you from publishing the story, but you should verify your facts so that we do not have a defamation case. Just do a proper job,” he said. - H-metro 

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