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Zim's Chris Brown: Roki Josphats, Beats Lover, Steals and Flees

Zimbabwe's version of Chris Brown is at it again - and now the controversial artiste, Rockford “Roki” Josphats is reported to be on the...

Zimbabwe's version of Chris Brown is at it again - and now the controversial artiste, Rockford “Roki” Josphats is reported to be on the run after he allegedly beat up his girlfriend, Nyasha Valerie, broke into her house and stole all the furniture before disappearing.

A report has since been filed at Borrowdale Police Station under reference number CR879-8-16.

Roki, who was in an on and off relationship with Nyasha, made his relationship public in June this year by formerly announcing their engagement. 

Many thought that the singer had finally turned a corner after his previous relationships collapsed due to physical abuse among other things.

The Sunday Mail Leisure caught up with Nyasha, who confirmed that indeed she had reported Roki to the police for theft and physical abuse, and that the singer is currently on the run.
Trouble Child: Roki on the Run 

“Roki and I were in a relationship for close to three years but it was an on-off thing as many other factors would affect the smooth flow of the union, mainly on his side but I kept holding on,” said Nyasha.

“We would break up and get back together again as I really loved the guy but I later realised that some things do not change. He never changed every time I gave him another chance. It was a tough period for me as I had to deal with a lot of his girlfriends who would pop up. 

"For instance, when he got into a relationship with Ammara Brown, I was already in the picture,” narrated Nyasha.

She added: “Roki was very abusive in our relationship and he would often beat me up. In January this year, I suffered a miscarriage because he beat me up very badly.

When we went to hospital, he had to make me escape with him because the doctors had insisted that after getting treatment I should stay under observation till the police arrived. The doctors also encouraged me to file a report.

“But Roki sensing danger made a plan and managed to sneak me out of the hospital. We continued living together till this August when I decided to officially end things with him because I had realised that we were not going anywhere and I was not setting a good example to my daughter.”

Nyasha says she feared that her daughter would grow up thinking that it is acceptable for women to be abused by their partners.

“I feared that if she saw me being beaten up or emotionally abused, she would grow up thinking that there was nothing wrong with it. So after I broke off our engagement, he then broke into the house when I was at work and took all the furniture.

“A few days later we bumped into each other at a club and he asked me what I was doing there and he attacked me. This time I then reported to the police and the case is filed under reference number CR879-8-16.

“When Roki realised that the police were looking for him, he decided to hide. He hasn’t been seen anywhere since August 20,” revealed Nyasha. She added that it has been tough getting her life together but she is taking it one day at a time.

“It has obviously been tough for me but am taking it one day at a time. The case is now no longer in my hands, the police are taking care of it now. I contacted his mother to try to get him to cooperate with the police but she was being defensive,” she added.

Roki’s management team Kenako Media, refused to comment on the matter, referring all questions to the singer’s sister, Belinda, something that is very unusual as Kenako usually insists on being the only spokespersons for their artistes.

“That’s Roki’s sister number. I would advise you speak to her,” said Bybit Areketa of Kenako Media as she forwarded Belinda’s number.

When contacted on the whereabouts of her brother, Belinda said he was in South Africa. But when quizzed about the alleged abuse, theft and the police case she said she did not know anything about it.

“Roki is in South Africa, he is not missing,” she quipped, “I don’t know anything about Roki’s police case.” Efforts to get Roki’s mobile phone or chat with him on the various social media sites were fruitless.

Sergeant Chivende from Harare Central Police Station confirmed that the police are looking for Roki to bring him in for questioning.

“We can confirm that there is an assault case that we are investigating here at Harare Central Police under reference number CR879-8-16.

“The case was reported on August 4 after a scuffle between Nyasha and Rockford at a local nightclub. We are looking for Roki so that we bring him in for questioning,” said Sergeant Chivende.

It looks like Roki is following in the footsteps of American musician Chris Brown who has been involved in a number of brawls with his girlfriends. - Sunday Mail

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