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Propaganda Overdrive: 'Simba Chikore Qualified for Airzim Job' - Government

Born in 1977 to ordinary parents, Simba Chikore’s upbringing was as modest as the life of a township child. His family lived in Kambuzuma, ...

Born in 1977 to ordinary parents, Simba Chikore’s upbringing was as modest as the life of a township child. His family lived in Kambuzuma, a high-density suburb in Harare, where he attended his primary school. 

His former classmates remember him as a reserved and talented athlete who was dedicated to his studies.

On March 1, 2014, he became President Mugabe’s son-in-law after he married the President’s only daughter, Bona.Their glamorous wedding was attended by several Heads of State and other distinguished guests.

In a nutshell, Simba Chikore’s background speaks of a well-disciplined man who was brought up in a system characterised by integrity, hard-work and reverence.

Recently, Simba Chikore, a pilot by profession, was appointed Chief Operations Officer for Air Zimbabwe, a debt-stricken institution struggling to stay afloat. 
Simba and Bona Chikore 
His appointment attracted municipal condemnation on the basis that the appointment was an act of nepotism considering his close association with President Mugabe. However, this article will explain comprehensively why Chikore is a suitable candidate for the job.

Firstly, Simba Chikore is a qualified pilot who served in the aviation industry for a lengthy period since his graduation. Considering that he served in various capacities in the fraternity, his experience in operations administration is undoubtedly extensive. 

Secondly, Air Zimbabwe is a debt-ridden institution which actually requires financial resuscitation.

On that basis alone, it would be foolish to suspect that his appointment was motivated by a desire to loot and plunder. Perhaps, people should explain how Chikore could benefit from a debt of $300 million! They should also explain why he should not be considered for a position he is well qualified for?

Thirdly, Simba Chikore has no trace of fraud or money laundering to deserve such condemnation. It would be understandable to condemn his appointment if he had some background of deception.

Fourthly, Simba Chikore is a Zimbabwean by birth and nationality.It is well within his constitutional rights to apply for any employment opportunities which fall within the scope of his profession.

It is also well within his constitutional right to be employed by any organisation within the borders of his native country. That is neither debatable nor controversial.

But let us suppose Chikore was unemployed; would Zimbabweans not question his means of survival?Are they suspecting that Chikore would loot from an institution which actually requires resuscitation?

Or perhaps they expected a pilot to work as a general hand for Choppies Supermarket? Maybe he should live in the gutter and remain unemployed to satisfy those who question his appointment?

Nowadays people are in the habit of complaining just for the sake of it, or to seek the attention of newspapers or television channels.

This blatant prejudice is disheartening because there are thousands of other Zimbabweans who occupy more important jobs than Simba Chikore’s and the majority in those positions belong to opposition parties. The time has come to shift our focus to more pertinent matters.

After all, Simba only occupies the second most important job at Air Zimbabwe.It is then fascinating how all the condemnation is heaped on him essentially because of his proximity to the President.

The problem with opposition politicians and members is that they oppose everything associated with zanu-pf. That mentality justifies the principle that there are darker forces pursuing a treacherous agenda.

The evidence in support of that hypothesis is overwhelming; recently, Evan Mawarire and Patson Dzamara travelled to America and submitted a petition to the World Bank.

The contents of the petition sought to block any financial aid to Zimbabwe on the false pretext that Mugabe’s Government would abuse the funds.Then there were allegations that President Mugabe’s visitations abroad are unnecessary and too frequent, thus a waste of resources.

Also, a few months back, there was widespread condemnation when Bona Mugabe, daughter to President Mugabe, travelled to give birth to her first child in the Middle East.

As if that was not enough, there was municipal disapproval when Mugabe’s son allegedly sought to attain a loan from a local bank recently.

Amai Grace Mugabe also receives stringent opposition every time she embarks on a private journey to the Middle East. Then Simba Chikore is the most recent victim of such sickening conduct.

Clearly, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable and should be condemned firmly.In all honesty, the First family members are also Zimbabweans who deserve equal recognition and opportunities.

The first family and its associates have constitutional rights to exploit all economic benefits through employment and engaging in other business opportunities.

Despite such blatant prejudice, they do not abandon their country and seek to invest elsewhere.They love their country so much that they are not discouraged by the frequent condemnations.

In a demonstration of pure love for their country, they remain resolute and hungry to contribute in the growth of the country’s economy. - The Herald 

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