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Willowgate to Zimdefgate: Will Zanu-PF Govt Exorcise Corruption Ghosts?

Harare – Hardly a week after Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in his capacity as acting president vetoed anti-corruption advocates Zimbabw...

Harare – Hardly a week after Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko in his capacity as acting president vetoed anti-corruption advocates Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) to arrest Professor Jonathan Moyo for allegedly raiding Zimdef coffers – Mphoko asserted corrupt officials must be sacked, unleashing an erratic policy posture on combating vice in Zimbabwe.

With the healthcare system in the intensive care ward, hospital officials are operating similar businesses to their employer – the state, especially in provision of medication. 

“Stolen funds are not blessed at all. There are thieves in our hospitals for instance Mpilo, UBH and Ingutsheni, professional thieves who are protected by law,” reasoned Mphoko.

A clique of hospital personnel are purportedly looting public hospital pharmacies – while operating parallel outlets, thereby shortchanging the poor who mainly use public hospitals.
At this Rate, Who will Stop the Rot Prevailing in Most Government Circles? 

In his reasoned shield of under fire Professor Moyo, who christened himself Robin Hood – Mphoko, justified Moyo’s activities.

“His (Prof Moyo) only crime is that he supports the President and those who want to have him arrested are people who do not support the President because the one million man march is a Zanu-PF initiative and the 21st Movement is a legacy of the President. So why arrest such a person?”

ZACC officials were rumoured to be closing in on the former government spin doctor – until they were immobilised at the eleventh hour by Mphoko’s executive decree.

Another fingered culprit in the ongoing ruling party disgraces, Saviour Kasukuwere has insisted that the leaks are sullying the party’s image. 

“What concerns us is that it appears there is a bigger agenda than dealing with the issue (of corruption). What we are not going to accept is anything that ultimately damages the party. The party is a sacred institution with all of us in it.”

This prompted one scribe, Lance Guma to provide an equally subtle rejoinder.

“So I'm sure you have all heard what Saviour Kasukuwere said. He has just bluntly told us protecting Zanu PF's image is more important than arresting thieves,” asked the UK-based journalist.

Kasukuwere, the party’s Commissar has been identified in an illicit ivory trade plus parceling out land earmarked for party youths to Harare magnetic Prophet Walter Magaya – he is yet to face justice.

A rattled Mphoko prompted that the government must fire corrupt officials because they are causing a lot of suffering to the poor who depend on the state, adding “government cannot be everywhere that’s why is appoints people.”

Professor Moyo is a custodian of the Zimdef funds intended to assist students in need which he fiddled in covenant with his deputy, Dr Godfrey Gandawa to the tune of $400 000 while backing party occasions.

$173 000 was expended on President Mugabe’s 92nd birthday bash at the monumental Great Zimbabwe.

Abuse of Zimdef funds dates back to the reigns of the late former minister Dr Stan Mudenge. Ex minister Dr Olivia Muchena also benefited from a 6 000 liters fuel allocation in four months.

Subsequent ministers ostensibly sidetracked resources – until Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri tried in vain to halt the rot. The corrosion continued even when Professor Moyo assumed office.

Information provided by ZACC reveals some of the looted funds paid rentals for mistresses, procured cars and other transactions contrary to its laid mandate.

VP Emerson Mnangagwa has been on an anti-corruption cause – and he weighed in that nobody is above the law – throwing a knockout punch on Moyo’s bid to divert his illegal engagements denoted with tribalism and factionalism gambits.

Moyo is advocating the G40 cause – while Mangangwa fronts the Lacoste faction in a quest to replace the aging Mugabe.

Mnangagwa is not as spotless either. His name has been cited, if ensuing ranting by Professor Moyo on Twitter is worth considering.

“Factionalists, successionists and tribalists reckon they get away with corrupting and abusing institutions and due processes. Everyone knows who the thieving tribalists and murderers are. If you do not know them you are a fool or one of them. Down with tribalism,” Moyo tweeted.

The social network has become Professor Moyo’s fallback after his relegation from the potent information ministry.

But those who refuse to be hoodwinked by the prevailing events recall that the Zimbabwe regime has been erratic in conveying justice, especially in corruption-linked instances.

Countless investigations have been initiated and shelved leaving the public more confused of their mandate.

Notable scandals include – but not limited to: the 1988 Willowgate Scandal, 1994 War Victims Compensation Scandal, 1995 GMB Grain Scandal, 1999 Noczim Scandal – and the 1999 Land Reform Scandal.

Observers believe the inquests were largely done to silence would-be party rebels since their deceitful covenants will be documented.

The Willowgate scandal is one such high profile case of larceny. The 1988-89 Zimbabwean political scandal was revealed by the Chronicle in which illegal resale of automobile purchases by various government officials.

Five members of cabinet resigned thereafter. Investigative journalists, Geoffrey Nyarota and Davison Maruziva were subsequently promoted to the Herald in Harare.

Up to now, the public relied on the media to provide hazy details of the chief players in the shadowy arrangements inside the once vibrant car dealership.

One recorded sole victim was Maurice Nyagumbo, who committed suicide after being charged with perjury – was buried at the Heroes Acre – giving credence to assertions that the system seems to reward nefarious comrades, even in their comatose state.

The land reform, Sandura Commission among others came and passed on – still nobody has been imprisoned, though the economy continues to bleed, supporting obese and obscene lifestyles of the well-connected, immune to justice.

Since its creation, ZACC has been engaged in Professor Moyo’s dishonesty transactions – and when taxpayers anticipated pinwheels, the executive extinguished the flames before impartiality prevailed.

Interference has been disturbing since the Willowgate scandal, then and now the public has called for elected commissioners to be given a room to operate impartially – though their obligations remain foggy.

Zimbabwe opposition kingpin Morgan Tsvangirai pressed government to allow ZACC to dispense its duties professionally.

“If indeed Mugabe abhors corruption as he publicly claims, and has no complicit hand in this tarnishing and scandalous story, he has…options to implement in the public interest…,” Zimbabwe People First challenged the nonagenarian leader.

Factionalism within Zanu-PF should be appreciated for unearthing rampant corruption – but history proves that the dirt will always be swept underneath – culprits will be protected by the law as before – as it is now.

As of writing, Simba Chikore, President Mugabe’s son-in-law was assuming the utmost position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the ailing Air Zimbabwe lumbered by a $300 million debt.

Despite his dwarfed credentials in the aviation industry, government vowed he was the most qualified prospective on offer.

“We appointed him in his own right as Simba Chikore. Remember, he is a Zimbabwean who is entitled to take up any job as long as those offering it are satisfied that he is the best person.

“Remember, in any society, there are relations and that should not distract us from appointing competent people,” transports minister vindicated the nomination.

With more sneaky pacts expected to be exposed, news consumers are preparing their ears for more juicy stories emanating from Zimbabwe as factions battle to unseat each other in preparation for the 2018 plebiscite.

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