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Game of Thrones: Politics, a Display of ‘Alpha Male’ Traits

Harare – The animal kingdom exposes fascinating natural traits, and to an extent, humanity has emulated them, perchance unintended. For our...

Harare – The animal kingdom exposes fascinating natural traits, and to an extent, humanity has emulated them, perchance unintended. For our own sake, we are becoming egocentric, overlooking the vulnerable and unfortunate.

We cannot fault animals for their instinctive etiquettes, but we blame ourselves for adopting ‘wild attitudes’.

Politicians often offer an insight into humanity’s greed, almost parallel to the animal realm at the detriment of national interests, and through them, these wild personas are more dominant.

In the wild, hunting for food is a group effort as self-regard endangers survival.

Each individual animal plays a vital role to bring food to the table. After the kill, the Alpha male which possesses dominant natural rights, consumes all nutritious body potions, leaving the weak and young to feast over a cleaned cadaver.
Gambia President Refuse to Leave Office After Losing Elections 

This is a respected and expected hierarchy.

Factor this teamwork tendency into the liberation war movements mainly fought in Africa, which were often collective. Years after the war, some victims still struggle to access basics like water, sanitary ware and food, yet the gist of the war was “freedom for all”. Leaders stutter to explain how a ‘peoples’ agenda’ has gone off track.

The zeal of the opposition to outwit the incumbent in national debates is curious. Service delivery remains in limbo, yet parliament resembles a battle front. Defending of territory is mandatory for any Alpha male to prolong its existence, and the pack at large. Without this shield, its authority is at stake.

Former Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh insists on staying in power, despite losing elections. Only the intervention of neighboring states has delayed a probable genocide. In the wilderness, the Alpha male is always in combats to maintain his rank, even if it means death. It is survival by any means possible.

American President in waiting, Donald Trump has vowed to deal with leaders deemed unaligned to his favoured foreign policies. And his actions are not far from the Alpha male either, which naturally annihilates all offspring upon assuming control of the pack in order to instill its own DNA. As we wait his ascendency, the ‘Alpha male’ instincts embedded in him are fighting for freedom.

Political coalitions raise debates, especially in Africa were sitting presidents might require team effort to unseat. Again the wilderness offers an eloquent model. After a successful kill, it is not uncommon for other males to challenge the Alpha male, but even when offered chances to compete, they devour each other, leaving the incumbent intact.

Power sharing is not alien in the animal world.

Were two males cannot outdo each other, coexistence becomes obvious, and it often strengthens the team. Territorial defence is also a team effort to safeguard the weak and the young. Governments of national unity have evolved to foster divergent views, and accommodate feuding parties. 

Though differences arise, unity governments work to the betterment of a nation, though in some instances they just serve to maintain a status quo.

Agility is a virtue for an Alpha male’s survival. Whenever danger or intruders arise, it must defend effectively – otherwise it will lose its rank and lofty benefits. Politicians have been gifted with such capabilities, and they summon lies, propaganda and even death to defeat any impending challenge.

Sadly, it seldom dawns on an Alpha male that age is not on his side – hence he challenges younger, intruding males with zeal to his detriment. After the defeat, he retreats to a secluded place. Wounded and without hunting partners, he dies a solitary death.

Dictators duly fulfill this trait.

After destabilising and habitually looting a nation’s wealth – they depart alone, without followers, often to die in foreign land, while their legacy is soon forgotten. Former Nigerian despot, Sani Abacha and his ilk fit well into this notorious category.

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