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Night of Honey: Prophet Bushiri Spends Millions on Germany Stage

Malawian born, magnetic Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who smashed the record of attracting 90 000 congregates at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg So...

Malawian born, magnetic Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, who smashed the record of attracting 90 000 congregates at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg South Africa, has upped his game, spending 7 million Rands for a stage shipped from German for his upcoming ‘Night of Honey’ Crossover.

During his annual crossover event last year, the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG) founding father and leader, managed to host a record-breaking attendance totaling well over 90 000 people.

Over 90,000 tickets have already been picked for the FNB Stadium with capacity of 94,736 for this year's event.

According to reports, this occurrence was one of its kind in the history of prayer congregation at the stadium apart from the world cup matches which were hosted in South Africa in the year 2010.

Observers have argued that the Bushiri's event will go down in annals of history as the night that saw the soccer field being filled to a chocking capacity.
Bushiri will Attempt ti Fill FNB Stadium 

Last year's event lived to its billing as it welcomed congregants from all over the world, seasoned with performances of gospel favorites such as Swazi Dlamini and Onesimus Kalua. This year, Bushiri has set out to host yet another crossover event which he has dubbed, 'The Night of Honey.'

"I was praying and God revealed to me that next year is going to be a year of Honey. When the Israelites escaped the wrath of Pharaoh, God promised to lead them into a land of milk and honey.

"In the same manner, after going through many trials, ones which were never concluded in defeat, God has assured me that it is now time for my church to experience His goodness and kindness. Life shall indeed be sweet in 2017," said Bushiri during an exclusive interview.

He went on to enunciate that on this night there shall be dumbfounding happenings that shall take place in the lives of all those that will attend.

"During the last year event, congregates witnesses a hold of miracles taking place in people's lives. The lame walked, the blind received their sight, the deaf began to hear and those who were in wheelchairs sprung up to walk.

"This year, the entire globe is going to be left awe-struck once more. People are going to see God in a dimension that their human minds cannot even begin to comprehend," Bushiri assured in the interview.

Being an international event that attracts thousands upon thousands from different countries, the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria are also sure benefactors of such undertakings.

It is anticipated that this Night of Honey is likely to significantly boost the tourism sector in South Africa as more people, than ever before, from overseas countries has already been recorded for attendance of the event.

A quick baseline survey by this reporter revealed that most of the big hotels in the Guateng Province are usually fully booked with attendees who arrive as early as three weeks before Bushiri's crossover nights. Metre Taxi drivers, Minibuses and car rentals also receive their fair share of the event because FNB Stadium is always a destination for so many of their customers.

"I wouldn't dare to be anywhere else on this night. Prophet Bushiri has brought in a hunger and zeal for the gospel of Christ that I have never seen before and to be able to benefit from his anointing is something I wish many could experience.

“Those who hate will hate but those of us who want to move forward are sticking to the vision that this man carries," pronounced an attendee of Bushiri's church.

The Malawian-born, but South African-based padre, commonly known as Major 1, has over the last few years, risen to become the most sought-after Prophet globally. He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. - Online Sources 

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