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Prophet Chiza: 'More Prostitutes, Death of Top Politician in 2017'

Bulawayo-based prolific prophet and founder of Eagle Life Assembly Church Blessing Chiza has predicted an increase in commercial se_x worke...

Bulawayo-based prolific prophet and founder of Eagle Life Assembly Church Blessing Chiza has predicted an increase in commercial se_x workers in the next two years - and the deth of a prominent politician that will shake Zimbabwean politics.

Speaking to congregants during a cross-over sermon on New Year’s eve here, Prophet Chiza said: “Se_x workers shall be too many in the next two years and they will be spreading serious se_xually-transmitted infections (STIs), charging as low as 5 rand for services. Many men will fall, including born-again Christians.

“Many roads in town will be full of them and even police will fail to contain them. A lot of men will die all over the world; there will be few men on earth in the next five -10 years. The demon to destroy men will increase. Po_rnography will increase even in newspapers. Men, pray. Women will be sending na_ked selfies to men, even church women.”

The youthful cleric also predicted that succession battles within the ruling Zanu PF will continue in 2017 to such an extent that some will intend to end President Robert Mugabe’s life.

“I see some people seriously planning to destroy the president’s life, the succession issue will be very hot in 2017. Pray for his protection whether you like him or not,” Chiza said.

The youthful cleric also urged long-suffering citizens to brace for tougher moments ahead. The prophet also said: “I see serious confusion in Zimbabwe’s political arena in 2017 and 2018 affecting a number of political parties like never before.”

He added that he foresaw the death of a top politician, whom he didn’t mention by name. “I see a top politician in a coffin in 2017 . . . the death will shake a certain political party.” As a result of political instability, Chiza said he saw the rise of a serious wave of men of cloth getting involved in politics.

“Some clergymen will even campaign for political parties. Is this of God? Yes, it’s of God. There will be two kinds of churches, the one on its knees and the other demonstrating on the streets,” he said.

Coming to the economic situation, Chiza however, failed to get a suitable word to describe how the situation will be, preferring to say: “I see the economy of Zimbabwe, it will be so so, follow Christ, biblical financial principles. It will not be bad, neither will it be good. There will be people prospering by God’s principles in 2017.”

He further noted that the cash crunch currently bedevilling the country was far from over as the government struggles to find solutions. “I see Zimbabwe trying to come out of the cash crisis but struggling, there will be an increase in plastic money use.”

He, however, predicted the economy will drastically change for the better after the 2018 elections, without revealing which party will win elections. - Weekend Post

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