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Stress Relief: 5 Tips to De-stress Your Life and Work

Stress at work rips you apart and sabotages you – it plays havoc on your physical and psychological well-being. If you feel like you are pe...

Stress at work rips you apart and sabotages you – it plays havoc on your physical and psychological well-being. If you feel like you are perilously juggling both work and personal life responsibilities, you are certainly not alone. There are millions out there suffering from this silent killer!

In reality, we live in numerous worlds: physical, social, emotional, financial, relationships and spiritual. And stress can originate from any part of our life. But what we often ignore is when one part starts infringing upon another – i.e. longer working hours leading to health issues or relationship woes.

Stress at workplace is also a common issue and sadly on the rise! It amplifies anxiety and lowers creativity in employees—two factors which impinge negatively on their productivity and enjoyment in their workplaces.

Stop aiming for perfection
Perfection can be a yardstick to shoot for, but becomes damaging when it is the only benchmark accepted. A lot of people take the aspiration of perfection way too far…and there is always a price to pay. True perfectionists are never content!
Tips to De-stress at Work 

Constant or daily effort to reach perfection is driven by feelings of inadequacy and low confidence. This not only affects you and your wellbeing but also gravely damages the self-esteem of your co-workers.

Work smarter not harder
Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have on your plate? Well… Some time management techniques and a bit of forward planning is what you need to reduce stress and feel more in control. Every person works differently but if you plan and prioritise your daily tasks into manageable chunks and delegate things which you can, then half your battle is won.

You’ll be surprised how better you start to feel. Another major reason for stress is juggling too many things at a given point. So limit multi-tasking! It many a times reduces rational productivity, elevates mental fatigue and increases stress.

Take a break
Nonstop work marathons in reality hurt your efficiency. Instead, take frequently planned breaks during the day. Maybe a 10-minute pause every hour! A lot of employees take pride in skipping lunch, seeing it as a sign of their dedication or increased productivity. Lunch hour is when you most likely feel restless, snappy and in all probability hungry.

And what you don’t see is the correlation between low blood sugar caused by severe hunger pangs and your stress levels! So take regular breaks away from your work stations to recharge your batteries and declutter your mind; a 30 minute lunch break, a quick walk to relieve tensions or a short coffee break. Choose whatever works for you and gives you the best stress relief.

Vulnerability can hit you no matter which rung of the ladder you are on. Meeting deadlines, handling a micro-managing boss or just having too much to do. Issues like these can set the panic button on and trigger stress. Often, issues crop up at work due to conflicting personalities and ideologies.

Talk to people and make a constant effort to stay up to date and informed. And keep others informed about you as well. If you have no clue about what’s happening in your boss’s world, he most certainly has no clue about what’s happening in yours, either.

Also build amicable relationships with your colleagues and peers. They make a reliable support system for episodes of anxiety and stress when the pressure is the most intense. Working with people you trust and can rely on can also boost work satisfaction and enthusiasm levels.

Unplug from your digital life

Too often we don’t realise that our professional life takes a toll on our personal space which should not be the case. And only we can strike a balance between the two! So when home, switch off from work and commit to pulling the cord every day. Spend quality time with your family or friends, or simply do something you like a hobby or interest maybe.

Exercise also helps in combating stress by creating a natural high which helps swap feelings of tension with cheerfulness and calm. Different individuals get stressed and energised due to different reasons. Just stay positive and create a stress-free workplace for yourself and people around you. – Online Sources

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