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Dirty Delilah: ‘Bev Still in Love with Andy and I’m no Prostitute’

It seems the boomerang accusations between raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and certified musical impersonator, Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya – aka A...

It seems the boomerang accusations between raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda and certified musical impersonator, Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya – aka Andy Muridzo are far from conclusion, as Bev poured more intimate details recently.

So, don’t dare miss the exclusive interview featuring the queen of Zimbabwe’s pole twirling – Bev.

Q: Reports suggest you are two months pregnant after an affair with Dherira singer, Kudzai Andrew Ngwenya — better known as Andy Muridzo. Do you intend to get married to him?

A: We are still in love. He loves me and I love him too, thanks to his abusive wife who always “chases” him away from their home. At times he would come here crying after being abused and I ended up accommodating him here for some days.
Bev Sibanda

One thing he admires most on me, my faithfulness to him. He knows that I don’t cheat on him. He always finds me alone here and he loves that. Sometimes he would pay me surprise visits just to check if I am cheating, but I’m very loyal to him.

Q: Has Andy Muridzo introduced you to some of his close relatives?

A: Even his family relatives now love me because Andy’s wife is very abusive. She does not even want to see Andy with his phone, she now keeps it herself.

At one point, she called me using a private mobile number and hurled some obscenities, shouting at me for accommodating Andy. That was funny. Manje ini (but) I do not care at all. If he (Muridzo) decides to move-in, I do not have a problem with that since I am carrying his baby.

I wish the baby will be a girl since I already have a boy who is now in Grade Three, but however, I will see the results next week when I visit the doctors for a scan.

Q: You have been linked to a number of boyfriends before Muridzo and these include Peter Moyo, Khama Biliat and reportedly Walter Magaya among others. What is really happening?

A: I never dated Magaya, those were just rumours. With Peter we are still communicating, he is now a friend. Some of Biliat’s closest friends called me after a local tabloid carried the pregnancy story and they wanted to know if it was true. I heard Billiat even carried the paper to South Africa.

Q: How do you feel about being labelled a se_x worker by a section of society?

A: It is disturbing. I am not a prostitute and society should come to terms with commercial dancers. Away from the stage, I have a private life just like other people. It is only that I am a public figure. I only have boyfriends but one at a time, just like what other people are doing.

Q: You seem to be leading a good life here, with your new and good household furniture, what else do you do for a living apart from pole dancing?

A: Most of my money comes from the stage. I am set to perform in Australia in April alongside Ricky Fire. Here in Zimbabwe, I stage paying shows. Here, I am paying close to $500 a month for this apartment as rentals.

However, apart from the stage, I own a Toyota Quantum vehicle which I am hiring out to local pre-schools.

Q: What is the secret behind your success in the industry?

A: My manager Harperz Mapimhidze stood behind me since the word go. We have known each other for so long that we now understand each other and know each other’s boundaries. That is very good for the growth of any business.

Most of the artists are failing to make it in the industry because they find poor managers who do not understand them as individuals and the vision of the business. - Weekend Post 

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