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Sewage Anointing: Why Tich Mataz Visited Prophet Sanyangore

Embattled radio and television personality Tichafa ‘Tich Mataz’ Matambanadzo on Sunday visited controversial pastor Paul Sanyangore’s churc...

Embattled radio and television personality Tichafa ‘Tich Mataz’ Matambanadzo on Sunday visited controversial pastor Paul Sanyangore’s church service at the Kingstones House in search of spiritual help.

Reasons for his presence were not clear but he was pictured on his knees before Sanyangore leaving many speculating that he was seeking spiritual help following his legal battles.

Mataz was last week hauled before the courts on allegations of smuggling clothes he had brought from China into the country. The 48-year old was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Lazini Ncube who remanded him out of custody to February 27 on $100 bail.

Tich Mataz was also ordered to surrender his passport as part of his bail conditions. Prosecutor Francesca Mukumbiri alleges that on January 7, Tich Mataz arrived at the Harare International Airport aboard a Kenyan Airways from China. 
Prophet Sanyangore 

Reports are that Tich Mataz picked his boxes from the carousal and went to the green route where he was stopped by Patrick Mukanganwi. Mukunganwi is said to have ordered him to go at the route where there was one Mhanda, who was manning one of the cubicles. 

Mhanda allegedly asked Tich Mataz to complete a declaration form and searched his bags. It is said that Tich Mataz was found with several suits, track bottom and shoes which required $538, 75 as duty. The court heard that Tich Mataz vanished without paying the duty which Mhanda went to another cubicle. 

He was later arrested and taken to court charged with smuggling.

Church authorities could not give reasons why Mataz was in church leaving much to speculation. “This is a church and it is open to everyone and for us to share the reasons why one is in church is not proper. Our doors are open and everyone is welcome,” said Sanyangore’s right hand man Andy.

Inside sources said the radio and television personality might be helping the preacher in launching a television channel. “There are plans by the church to have a television channel and this might be the reason for having him in church,” said a source. Speaking on the television issue, church authorities said.

“This is something we are working on and we will announce when it is done. Again it is something that we cannot share at the moment. This not the first time that popular figures have visited the preacher’s church with Beverly Sibanda, Mathias Mhere and Tafadzwa Mapako among others to have visited him. - H metro

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