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Cyclone Enawo: Everything you Need to Know and do

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has warned Zimbabweans not to panic over tropical Cyclone Enawo, as it is still too far from...

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has warned Zimbabweans not to panic over tropical Cyclone Enawo, as it is still too far from the mainland to have any effect.

Cyclone Enawo is brewing east of Madagascar and is likely to affect Zimbabwe if it enters the Mozambican Channel (the part of the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Madagascar).

MSD meteorologist Ms Chenai Sithole said they were monitoring Enawo’s progress and will issue a warning if it was likely to have any effects in the country.

“The tropical cyclone has now been named Cyclone Enawo and is brewing east of Madagascar,” she said. “So far there is no need to be terrified as the cyclone is still far from us.
Cyclone Enawo

“We will continue monitoring its progress and if it is to impact on Zimbabwe, a warning will be issued.” A tropical cyclone is a rapidly rotating, low-pressure storm system characterised by very strong winds, thunderstorms and torrential rains.

Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by names such as hurricane, typhoon, tropical storm, cyclonic storm, tropical depression or simply cyclone.

Cyclone Enawo comes against the backdrop of Cyclone Dineo that resulted in floods that affected nearly all parts of the country in recent weeks, killing 246 people.

At least 128 people were injured, while 1 576 were marooned. The floods left 1 985 others homeless and damaged 74 schools, leaving 70 dams breached and five health institutions damaged.

Government has since launched an international humanitarian appeal to assist the victims.

The appeal for assistance came after President Mugabe declared the floods a state of disaster, after they left a trail of destruction which needs $100 million to repair.

Ms Sithole said Mashonaland West and Matabeleland North provinces will remain cloudy and humid with storm outbreaks, while the rest of the country will remain wet with some sunny breaks.

Cyclone Eline, which hit the country in 2 000, remains the worst cyclone to affect Zimbabwe in 50 years.

It lasted from February 9 to March 2, 2000, leaving a trail of destruction in most parts of the country. - The Herald

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