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Glory Invasion: Apostle Pride Sibiya Takes Deliverance, Healing to Mzansi

Johannesburg – Plagued by violent satanic spirits – Stella’s (name withheld) life became a daily, living hell. Crippled by the stubborn sp...

Johannesburg – Plagued by violent satanic spirits – Stella’s (name withheld) life became a daily, living hell. Crippled by the stubborn spirits – marriage, happiness remained a fantasy – until Apostle Pride Sibiya literary ‘plucked her from the burning pit’!

Today, Stella is happily married, free from demons that tormented her – threatening to end her young, promising life. Her deliverance involved powerful prayers from God’s servant, Apostle Sibiya, the founder of Glory Ministers.

Many South Africans today suffer from similar or related afflictions.

Apostle Sibiya’s forthcoming passage into South Africa, this March, encompassing four cities will focus on deliverance, healing, transforming prophetic word and all-night prayer sessions to fulfill the 2017 theme of Mega Souls.
Apostle Pride Sibiya will be in South Africa for Deliverance and Healing 

During his stay, he will break conditions triggered by spiritual spouses – these are prostitution, anti-marriage and infertility spirits.

Addiction is a nuisance to one’s health and country. Before he was a Holy Guard – Mr. Machona fought alcohol addiction. If he was not drinking, he was drunk or nursing a hangover. In 2015, he became a member of Glory Ministries. 

Today he celebrates two years being sober. And if you are battling with any addiction, this is your time for deliverance.

A blind man was once brought to Apostle Sibiya’s home by a congregate. After a prayer session, he could not go home because it was dark. Later that night, he asked his host if he was “watching television.” Surprised, his host asked to describe what he could see. The former blind man clearly described what he saw on television. His sight had been restored.

Prior to the advent of the prevailing cash crisis in Zimbabwe, Apostle Sibiya had earlier predicted that “the US dollar will be in critical supply.” Today, the country is plunged with a greenback shortage, resulting in the introduction of substitute bond notes to alleviate the scarcity.

Are you a couple struggling to have a child? Is your marriage suffering because you cannot conceive? Then you are not alone. Three years back, a young couple had given up on having a child after years of trying. Healers brought tears instead of bundles joy to their lives – then Apostle Sibiya declared their deliverance. Their daughter just turned three.

Belief in Sangomas and muti is an acceptable practice within South Africa. A certain man was ‘locked’ by his girlfriend. The juju caused serious illness to his wife. She was bedridden for months. She could not go to the toilet, work or eat. She just slept and awaited her hour of death. Efforts to seek a cure resulted in further pain and frustration. But a prayer session via the phone completely healed her. 

Apostle Sibiya has been consistent in the prophetic word, healing and deliverance offices for 21 consecutive years. South Africa is now Glory Ministries’ second home with assemblies in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Rustenburg

The 16-year-old church is targeting 10 000 souls to Jesus Christ this year.

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