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IQ Test: Who is Hollywood's Most Intelligent Actor?

When you're an action hero or known for playing ditzy comedy characters, the audience might make some unfair assumptions about your IQ ...

When you're an action hero or known for playing ditzy comedy characters, the audience might make some unfair assumptions about your IQ.

But a discussion on Quora has revealed some of the most intelligent stars in Hollywood - and they might well surprise you.

From an actress who spent eight years working in medical research before landing a role in one of the most famous TV comedies of all time, to a veteran action star with an IQ of 160, these celebrities needn't worry about the future if they decide to quit showbiz.
Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone His action star career might suggest that Stallone is more brawn than brains, but the very opposite is true.

The star has a reported IQ of 160 - the same as Albert Einstein - and in 1977 he was nominated for an Oscar for both Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay as he not only starred in, but also wrote the hit film Rocky.

At the time he was relatively unknown in Hollywood, but such was the strength of the script that executives conceded to his demand that he play the title role to see it made. He's also a talented painter and his pieces sell for in excess of $90,000.

Mayim Bialik
As a youngster Mayim played the younger version of Bette Midler's character in Beaches and starred in Blossom, and became a fashion icon thanks to her floppy hats.

Despite going on to win a major role in Woody Allen's Don't Drink The Water, she decided to take a break from acting to study neuroscience at the University of California. She went on to obtain her PhD and has since written a parenting book about the hormones involved in bonding with your child, as well as starring in The Big Bang Theory.

Ken JeongHe's best known for his role as the gangster Leslie Chow in the Hangover trilogy, but Ken has a very successful career to fall back on if he wants to turn his back on acting. He's currently starring in the ABC series Dr Ken, which he created, wrote and produced, based on his own experiences of working as a doctor.

A gifted student, he was on the High IQ team at his school, where he also played violin in the orchestra and graduated at 16 with a Youth Of The Year Award. The medic combined his career with being a stand up comic until his wife persuaded him to quit medicine and pursue his dream of being an actor.

Geena Davis 
She's starred in iconic films such as Beetlejuice and Thelma & Louise, but Geena Davis is just as well known for her activism. The star founded the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media in 2007, to campaign for a better balance of female to male characters in children's programmes, and to combat stereotyping of women.

Thanks to an IQ of 140, she's a member of Mensa and is a talented musician who has mastered the piano, flute, and pipe organ. She started practicing archery in the late '90s and was a prospect for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, just two years after taking up the sport. - Online Sources

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