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Likes into Cash: How to Build a Successful Career Via Social Media

Young people are turning likes and follows into cash. But how secure is a career built on social media ? People have stopped just tweeting...

Young people are turning likes and follows into cash. But how secure is a career built on social media?

People have stopped just tweeting for “LOLs” and retweets or instagramming for the “yasss” and “SLAY” comments. The generation with the most well-exercised thumbs in history uses social media to build their careers.

In an era when it has become more acceptable to pursue creative jobs, social media is now one of the ways to brand yourself, to network and to create exposure.

Content circulated on social media platforms now gets more exposure than the print or small screen content we used to rely on. So increasing your online presence seems like a genuine career prospect.

Gaining brand recognition entails expanding your reach by being highly visible online, but the trick is to have a clear, recognisable brand across all platforms.

You can’t be a photographer on Instagram, and a designer on Twitter. That makes it appear you’re not entirely clear on the direction you want your career to take.
Turn Social Media into Cash
Building a career on social media shouldn’t be a one-dimensional, superficial practice for popularity. Skilled individuals, like photographers and bakers need social media to advertise their services.

Freelance fashion journalist, Tshego “Red” Mosiane, says you can’t rest once you feel like you’re getting social media attention. She’s of the belief that “popularity on social media opens doors, but it’s not enough to sustain a career”. 

You need to be just as active offline too. But is social traction enough to build a lasting career that can feed a family of four and keep that bond paid every month for 20 years? A social media executive told Vocativ: “Brands are going to start realising that the amount of followers you have doesn’t mean anything.”

Tshego echoes the same sentiments. She says the number of people who see your posts doesn’t necessarily translate into the number of users who interact with the post. 

Trying to get a foot in the door of the industry you’re passionate about need not be a futile exercise – as long as you play by the rules. You could get lucky, even if it’s a long shot.

Remember, brands will probably get over how cool and influential you are. But by then, you will most likely have cash from other sources to pay your bills. And you’ll have gained some work experience you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. - Daily Sun

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