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Mzansi Tales: 'Does God Still Exist in South Africa?'

Johannesburg – A punctured soul. Emptiness plunges my mind. Stubborn backache overcomes my body. Drug misuse upset my conscience.  Crime is...

Johannesburg – A punctured soul. Emptiness plunges my mind. Stubborn backache overcomes my body. Drug misuse upset my conscience. 

Crime is threatening to blot this eminent metropolitan. Africans sharpen weapons to slaughter their kith. Gunshots are a nightly lullaby.

Yesternight, a man was stabbed in the neighbourhood. His blood-soaked the floor – another party gone wild. Alcohol overtook his fate. At East Rand Mall, we faced a near-fatal scene. A driver almost gored a drunken man with a screwdriver for blocking his way.

By @Comic24Derick

For years, back pain had rendered me immobile. Easy tasks became unbearable. Still, I prayed for healing. Hanging business transactions, missing home – a troubled family member – all made my attention wander, aimlessly.

Three young females – fine-looking plus smart liberally share a marijuana joint. They wait for their lift to go clubbing. As a father, I pray for the best for my daughters. Their destination is unknown – but their future is uncertain.

The state is geared for another possible phase of Afrophobia. Locals blame foreigners. Immigrants fault their governments. Governments accuse the global economy. Nobody shoulders the responsibility. But I recollect Apostle Pride Sibiya wise words: “the Creator is still in control.”  
Drug Abuse, Crime and Prostitution are  Rampant in South Africa. 
Seeing all these tensions had left me disturbed. I sought a revival. I needed God’s divine touch. My route, in search of Glory Ministries, takes me through a filthy ally. Destitute men rise for the day along End Street to venture into town. I proceed with caution.

The streets are deserted. Pedestrians discuss the previous night's actions. A customer strides out of a tavern clutching beers to nurse his nagging hangover. I had been a drinker for two decades. I know the feeling. But now, I sought God’s intervention.

At the corner of End and Pritchard streets, worshipers gather for church service. Glory Ministries on the second floor is my destination, arriving in time for intercession. Johannesburg Worship Centre is changing many lives. District Pastors Makore sphered the growing church – part of 80-plus assemblies.

The word focused on lost souls. The ones I had encountered. Glory Ministries theme for 2017 is Mega Souls – targeting 10 000 people to receive Jesus Christ – an operation to “depopulate hell and overpopulate heaven,” mentioned Apostle Sibiya.

“We are looking for lost souls. It is not the time to brag that you are the only Christian in your family. Preach Jesus to your whole clan,” emphasised Pastor Makore.

Alter call time. A woman asked me if I had any back problems. This was prophetic. Since 2007, I endured this condition. Still shocked, I paced towards the pulpit. My time for deliverance was nigh. And I was healed in Jesus’s name.

Indeed God still speaks today in South Africa – and everywhere else.

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