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Studio Album: Get Ready for Macheso's 11th Album

Sungura virtuoso Alick Macheso says he is on course to deliver his 11th studio album in the first half of the year. This is in fulfilmen...

Sungura virtuoso Alick Macheso says he is on course to deliver his 11th studio album in the first half of the year.

This is in fulfilment of a promise he made to his fans through The Sunday Mail Leisure in an exclusive interview with this writer on June 13, 2016. In another interview last week, Macheso aka Baba Sharo said he had already recorded more than 10 songs for the album.

Macheso, however, will not give a concrete launch date. But the musician told this publication in November last year he would be releasing “album-after-album for the next four years”, targeting every March as his provisional launch month for all the forthcoming projects.

The decision, which signalled a refreshing shift from the musician’s archaic Christmas release mentality, was motivated by the successful release of “Tsoka Dzerwendo”, which was unveiled in Harare on March 24, 2016. 
Alick Macheso 

There could be problems with a March 2017 release as some of his Orchestra Mberikwazvo band members were recently forced out of the group.

Macheso showed guitarists Donald Gogo, Tafirei Nyamunda and dancer Forward Antonio the exit for indiscipline — and he is not stopping there. The sungura musician said he would continue cracking the whip until all errant band members fell into line.

Baba Sharo said he had surplus personnel/talent and had done more than enough for the forthcoming project to see light of day “any time”.

“I have already recorded 11 instrumental tracks and I’m in the process of selecting the final six tracks to include on the album. The fact that Gogo (Donald) or so-and-so has been fired or will be fired is not going to affect our progress in anyway. The project is nearing its conclusion and will certainly be finalised in the next month or so,” said Macheso.

“I might even call next week telling you I’m done with the album. The vocals to the tracks are also in place hence the reason I’m saying we are as good as done.”

Sources say the undisputed King of Sungura is dragging the project with hope that trusted, veteran producer Bothwell “African” Nyamhondera comes on board. Nyamhondera had a partial hand in Baba Sharo’s last offering but the sungura musician wants the seasoned producer to have a robust role in the mixing and mastering of the 2017 album.

He believes if “Tsoka Dzerwendo” sold over 100 000 copies on the day of release, as claimed by publicists, with the minimal involvement of “African”, then Nyamhondera’s full involvement will thrust the upcoming project to dizzier heights.

“Nyamhondera will use his experience in helping me select the six tracks out of the 11. I also want him to make adjustments, where necessary, to the songs so that we come up with a perfect final product. I have worked with him before and know the magic he brings thus a 100 percent effort from him on the project will result in the creation of a dynamite,” said Macheso.

“I know we have previously delayed releasing new material but that is now a thing of the past and I apologised for that if you remember. Chando ichi vanhu vanotopinda vakudzirwa nemisambo mitsva (people will get to the winter season with fresh music),” declared Baba Sharo.

“Tava kurova basa sebasa, ndima tichivhara (we are now working seriously, covering good ground), hence no need for our fans to worry.” - Sunday Mail

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