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Breaking News: Southern Africa Hit by 6,8 Earthquake

Harare - Some parts of Southern Africa have been hit by earth tremors, with Botswana feeling the most effects ever, hours after South Afric...

Harare - Some parts of Southern Africa have been hit by earth tremors, with Botswana feeling the most effects ever, hours after South Africa has been hit, measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale.

Various media houses carried the breaking news around Sub-Saharan Africa, with reports of trembling ground felt as far as Harare.
It is unknown whether much damage has been caused by the quake, which occurred at around 5.40pm local time (6.40pm GMT) at a depth of around 35km. Luckily the quake's epicentre struck an area with few inhabitants. 
An Earthquake was recorded in Southern Africa

Social media users in Botswana took to the Earthquake Report website to express their shock and describe their experience.  One, writing from the city of Letlhakane, said: "We felt the house was vibrating, all the window and door panels shaking heavily.

Reports streamed in from across Johannesburg of another earth tremor on Monday. It was the second tremor experienced during the day in Gauteng.

Illovo‚ Rosebank‚ Centurion‚ Roodepoort‚ Boksburg, Pretoria, Rustenburg, Botswana as well as Zimbabwe were affected by the tremor – which lasted a few seconds at around 7:44pm.

TMG Digital reported that an earth tremor measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale occurred earlier in the day in Krugersdorp on the West Rand of Gauteng. Seismologist Ian Saunders of the Council for Geoscience said the tremor was "strong" by South African standards.

"It occurred about 2km down in the goldmine areas of Krugersdorp. We have received reports of the tremor being felt in Centurion."

He said the council had not yet received reports of damage.

"We are still awaiting feedback. We are calling on people who have damage to their property to please send us photographs of the damage."

In Zimbabwe, tremors we recorded around 19:50pm, which literally shock furniture and movable assets around most parts of the nation. The tremor lasted for about a minute, which hit most unsuspecting nationals as they failed to interpret it.

This Morning South Africa experienced a major one , which was greatly felt, at Magnitude 5.2, earthquake, 41 km from Potchefstroom, South exactly 05:08 this morning. - Online Sources

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