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Saviour Kasukuwere: A Tale of an ‘Unruly Driver’

Harare – Displaying traits of 'unruly drivers', Saviour Kasukuwere and Philip Chiyangwa are sharpening their arsenal for a dirty, p...

Harare – Displaying traits of 'unruly drivers', Saviour Kasukuwere and Philip Chiyangwa are sharpening their arsenal for a dirty, public fight.

Kasukuwere stares a watershed in the ruling party for various excesses, and soon he could follow Chiyangwa’s earlier demise, who was once dismissed for espionage.

The duo share same personas – they are both former chauffeurs – hence their public outbursts can be regarded as something inherent in drivers – literally.

For record sake, Chiyangwa, besides being a former Rhodesian intelligence operative, he chauffeured Chef Chirau, a known revolution turncoat.

Kasukuwere sped into the ugly fight, insulting the entrepreneur for his British Africa Police reserve force cause during the war. The latter took to the driving seat, and he did it in style.

Labeling the embattled politician a ‘driver’, Chiyangwa accused him of soliciting a $5 million bribe to smoothen his land deals.

In his smooth response, Kasukuwere accused land barons for igniting his woes, after Chiyangwa and other party operatives endorsed his ouster from the party.
Exiled Saviour Kasukuwere 
“In order to protect and assert my legal rights, I have initiated lawsuits against these corrupt and rogue elements, some of whom were openly part of the Rhodesian security apparatus,” mentioned the Zanu PF minister to NewsDay.

The flamboyant business man, not short of controversy flattened Kaukuwere’s claims, insisting he could sideswipe him like Issa Hayatou – the ousted former African soccer kingpin.

“If he says he doesn’t want to go the Hayatou way, he must advise me which way he wants to go. Kasukuwere is somebody I [saw growing] from nothing to somebody. The biggest mistake is that he did several things wrong and principally I don’t agree with that (sic),” attacked Chiyangwa, glossing his role in ejecting the Cameroonian.

Chiyangwa invaded Kaukuwere’s lane, exposing his past. “Several people were telling me that this person is a driver, but I didn’t look at that. I said it was not important,” relieved the businessman.

His indictments seek to crush the ruling party commissar.

“He is a bribe taker. I can say he is one of the biggest corrupt ministers in the Mugabe government and we cannot go with him to the next election (sic). Every ministry that he has been (in) he will be taking bribes, just to provide an ordinary facilitation service he wants money.”

A comparison with Venezuelan President reinforced Chiyangwa’s allegations.

“Look at Venezuela, Maduro is a driver. He is the Kasukuwere [of that country]. We are in trouble with drivers. Look at this driver here. He must say which way he wants to go if he doesn’t want to go the Hayatou way because he must go and we will follow him that way,” frothed Chiyangwa.

According to Kasukuwere, Chiyangwa is not a saint. He reportedly grabbed state land.

“Do you think he has that kind of money? He should stop daydreaming and wait for the outcome of our inquiry into the land he has stolen from the State,” Kasukuwere shot back.

Corruption allegations boomerang between the two former drivers, as Kasukuwere blamed his opponent for driving corruption.

“He is a loud-mouthed and broke bloke. He should report to Zacc [Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission] and not fund chaos within the party. We will get to the bottom of his shenanigans…,” revealed the besieged minister.

However, Chiyangwa was warned not to veer off the course by insulting drivers, his former profession.

“The Rhodesian policeman is crazy. What about him, who was the driver of Chief Chirau? Zupo [Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation],” said Kasukuwere.

The tussle between the two dates back to 1990s, as the duo battled to gain control to steer the once active Affirmative Action Group. - NewsDay/ 

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