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Dress to Kill: 6 Benefits of Engaging a Fashion Designer

Harare – How many times have you attended a function and impulsively become a fashion police – analysing guests’ dressing. The scrutiny c...

Harare – How many times have you attended a function and impulsively become a fashion police – analysing guests’ dressing.

The scrutiny could be negative or positive – however, as the world revolves, fashion trends are also shifting.

Derick Matsengarwodzi 
While our tastes differ, dressing in a unique, comfortable plus eye-catching manner should be everyone’s ultimate aim, mentions ambitious fashion designer, Michael Nzeve.
There are Many Benefits of Engaging a Fashion Designer 

The youthful designer, whose creations are immensely provoked by Italian trends, wishes to conquer the world with his unique designs, shares his professional advice with

“Everyone is a designer, because they need something unique. So I visualise and design what my client desires,” confides Nzeve.

The founding father of fashion designing, Charles Frederick Worth was the first designer to have his label sewn into garments that he created in the 19th century. Years later, Nzeve is offering wardrobe solutions to wannabe health fashion disciples.

With an assertive pose, Nzeve warns that, roping a fashion designer will produce accurate cuts – this will make one to look and feel more comfortable.

“You are able to wear a different set of designs,” he adds, “It means you will have your own fashion trend.”

With a diverse selection of materials on the market, engaging a designer allows one to choose their own favourite apparel.

“It enables you to acquire a good, quality material of your own choice. Sometime it is cheaper than buying clothes from a shop,” he said.

At 22, Nzeve still has more to explore, but he maintains a strict fashion conscious code.

“Initiate your own dressing, but make it suitable not awful. Big women should wear clothes that are not tight, especially tops because they will show a lot.”

The young creator believes knowing one’s body structure remains vital.

“Know your lower body shape. Nobody is structureless, like what some people say. What is important is to wear stretchy jeans if you are one of those people.”

On special events like weddings, Nzeve states: “Big ladies should never wear slim cuts because they are uncomfortable and the dress might lose a zipper in front of the crowd, and it will be embarrassing. This may affect your lifetime memories.”

National dressing is accepted in some nations, and Zimbabwe once contemplated the idea, but the Conquerors proprietor is not swayed by the concept.

“I don’t really subscribe national dress as such. I don’t like to wear something that is trending because it gives me no definition as a designer. I got my own taste.”

Though the fashion industry remains a cutthroat trade, Nzeve remains optimistic about his future endeavours.

“In five years, I see myself as a recognised designer in Zimbabwe, raising the national flag. My designs will be known globally.”

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