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Fake Pregnancy: Bev Took Zimbabweans for a Ride

It is a tragedy of leg-splitting proportions no doubt, but lovebirds Andy Muridzo and stripper-cum-pole-dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda will n...

It is a tragedy of leg-splitting proportions no doubt, but lovebirds Andy Muridzo and stripper-cum-pole-dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda will no longer be able to play happy couples with a bouncing baby after the dancer’s manager revealed she had suffered a miscarriage early this week.

Hapaguti ‘Hapaz’ Mapimhidze made it known that the controversial dancer had suffered a miscarriage after a performance at Holly’s Hotel last Sunday and as such, the pregnancy she had alleged had been Andy Muridzo’s would not yield fruit.

“Allow me to announce this, that Bev had a miscarriage last Sunday at Holly’s hotel soon after the show,” Mapimhidze wrote.
Bev in Action

“Yes she lost the baby at Holly’s Hotel last Sunday. However, she has been attended to by the doctor and is recovering.”

And yet the social media sphere, far from sympathising with Beverly, went into overdrive.

Having never been seen with the slightest hint of being pregnant, some alleged that the raunchy Bev, who has as many scruples as a snake has fingers, had been lying all along and only wanted to expose her se_xual relationship with the Dherira hit-maker just to claim dibs on him.

Muridzo had denied being responsible for Bev’s pregnancy, even casting doubt on whether she was pregnant in the first place. And the people in social media groups largely populated by artistes had a field day with conspiracy theories.

Others were of the opinion that Bev’s manager was himself of repugnant character for having played along with a fraudulent story that his artiste was pregnant and having tarnished the image of Andy Muridzo at a time when his fortunes are as fertile as desert soil.

Hapaz disputes the allegations standing by his word that indeed Bev was pregnant even claiming they had paperwork from the doctor who attended to her. But people were baying for his blood!

“Andy must simudza mhepo and demand medical papers, take them to forensics. Six months achizvipeta kudaro pastage?” (Andy must demand a forensic inquest, a six-month-pregnant person cannot contort herself on stage like that) argued one of the participants.

Another argued that Bev has the lowdown on the truth and unless proven otherwise via a trip to her uterus, it remains true that she was with child and tragically lost the baby.

“I doubt Bev was ever pregnant,” wrote one follower who was supported by another who said: “I think when you miscarry you bleed for a certain period of days just like a mother normally would after childbirth. Does that mean she is performing in that state?”

Bev, a week after having the miscarriage, was meant to perform in Bulawayo last night. Another said Bev needed to be charged with unlawful termination of pregnancy.

“She must be arrested. How can she continue inserting bottles into her privates (in her case they are no longer private) while she is pregnant. It’s more like abortion to me. However, Andy should be man enough not to run away from responsibility. Why is he being so cold when he had a nice time in Bev’s publics,” responded another.

Either way, the story of Bev falling pregnant by Andy Muridzo and losing the child after the ‘yekedero’ debacle will become a legend in the world of entertainment for some time to come. The ‘father’ of the child who has now been lost, MTM’s Andy Muridzo, said he could not be bothered.

However, although the baby prematurely hatched this Easter ahead of the bunny, both ‘father and mother’ will be bedfellows at Pamuzinda Ice and Fire in Harare on April 13 for an Easter show that will unite the two on stage for the first time since the se_x scandal broke. - Chronicle

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