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Final Week: Who will Take the 25m Naira Grand Prize?

It's the final week of Big Brother Naija and the grand prize of 25 Million Naira and a brand new Kia Sorento is within reach for our fi...

It's the final week of Big Brother Naija and the grand prize of 25 Million Naira and a brand new Kia Sorento is within reach for our final five.

Though Bally got Evicted last night, the Housemates all seem to have made a conscious decision to focus on the positive. As Ebuka pointed out to them, they should be happy they've made it to the last week instead fo brooding because they wouldn't trade places with him if they got the chance.

Bisola summed up the mood in the House as calm and said everyone felt a strong sense of relief and accomplishment after making it to the last week. She also made it clear to Biggie that she and everyone else were already winners whether they got the money or not. 
Debie Rise

"She recalled how she'd auditioned for Big Brother countless times and smiled broadly when she noted how Big Brother had taken her "a gazillion steps higher!" "I don suffer for this life and I really don't want to go back to that."

Marvis took the opportunity to thank Biggie for the experience and said she was going to miss everything. She noted how strong everyone was in particular Bisola whom she called both a friend and her toughest competition. She also said she was grateful for Big Brother as she was now on the fast track to a successful carreer in showbiz as an actress.

TBoss beamed with pride as she recounted how she'd almost given up during the cooking Task this afternoon. She said being on Big Brother Naija had made her a fighter and she'd never realised she had what it takes to be that! She also said Marvis was her biggest threat. 

Efe echoed the same sentiment and said he had a fighter's spirit! After quite a bit of hesitation he singled out Bisola as his biggest threat commending her for being just as competitive, honest and outspoken as he is.

Debie-Rise was all smiles as usual and agreed with Efe that this week the pressure was different calling it "positive and exciting!" She then promised to deliver 100% for the final run to make sure she took home the money. She also sited her friend TBoss as her main competition because "she's an amazing person and she has everything it takes to win!"

Do you think there'll be anymore surprises or drama in store or are the Housemates going to take it easy for the final stretch? Let us know what you think after the jump. - Online Sources

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