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Marine Spirits: 2 Years Underwater, Tormented by Mermaids

Harare – A human being cannot survive underwater. Wrong? For two years, she survived underwater. Her captors – mermaids tormented her, she ...

Harare – A human being cannot survive underwater. Wrong?

For two years, she survived underwater. Her captors – mermaids tormented her, she could not be intimate with her husband for a year. Any sexual thought resulted in continuous bleeding.

Until now, the world remains shocked with revelations by Emma Chikuni, who claims to have survived underwater, losing three children mysteriously in the process. One drowned in well. She survived on soil only. 

Emma could not spot modern hairstyles. “I endured the most difficult life. I was under water for two years and much of the things that happened there remain a mystery. I got married and had five children,” recited Emma during an interview with a Harare tabloid, H Metro.

Unkempt hair or locks were her only permissible hairdos, looking older beyond her age. “People would call me an old woman, even those older than me. I had locks and could not have a haircut. Having a weave was a nightmare, it would be removed whilst I slept at night,” she added.
Mermaids are Part of the Marine World
Despite a warning not to pray or attend church, the tormented soul sought deliverance. Since then, her life has changed.

Understanding marine spirits

Anti-marriage spirits cannot be fully divorced from marine spirits because they are related. They cannot survive on land but can do so in humans or other forms of life.

These originate from water, and there are two types: conscious and unconscious mariners. More females are possessed more than males, to oppress men and destroy marriages.

Their primary tool of oppression is s.ex, while they adore fashion trends to attract the opposite s.ex. Single women inflected by marine spirits date married men without any guilt, mainly through s.ex.

They have unstable relationships, pretenders and will alter voices to suit their current mood. Men involved with a possessed woman suffer a lot through tormenting, losing wealth by inflicting poverty, misery and breaking marriages.

Homosexuality, lesbianism and promiscuity are also signs of marine infestation. Marine spirits leave water bodies to dwell and conduct marriages with men. Inflicted women seduce men with body movements, dressing, speech and eyes.

Some corporates, countries closely resemble the marine world. White garment churches have a close relationship with the marine world, through the use of water-based prayers, associated with mermaids.

Trending fashion has been greatly influenced by water spirits. Most women's dresses resemble a fish tail. These designs have their influence from underwater powers. Adoring silky, long white materials reveals a relationship with the marine world.

Common inflictions
  • Marital problems including non-marriage 
  • Financial problems and extreme poverty
  • Constant fighting in marriage 
  • Sexual immorality, uncontrollable sexual urges and desires
  • Lack of affection for one’s spouse or the opposite sex
  • Barrenness and miscarriages 
  • Sex in the dreams and infertility. – Online Sources

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