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Morgan Tsvangirai Speaks: ‘I am Fully Fit Again from Cancer’

Harare – In 2016, the world conversed in hushed tones – some openly over Morgan Tsvangira’s sudden weight loss, leading his publicity team ...

Harare – In 2016, the world conversed in hushed tones – some openly over Morgan Tsvangira’s sudden weight loss, leading his publicity team to disclose that he was suffering from colon cancer.

The politician later embarked on chemotherapy treatment in South Africa, with part of his medical aid purportedly originating from President Robert Mugabe.

Derick Matsengarwodzi/Daily news
And now, the opposition leader says he has fully recovered from a life threatening colon cancer bout. His revival makes him to drool for another impending contest against his eternal, prime nemesis – Zanu PF, in the 2018 plebiscite.
Morgan Tsvangirai (Right) During a Recent Protest in Harare 

His sickness era was dominated by false bulletins of his demise, resulting in the former unionist to hibernate from public scrutiny.

“I am feeling great. I have just come back from a medical check-up (in South Africa), and although my doctor said we still needed to do more tests, he said I’m doing well and I feel fine,” said Tsvangirai in a revealing interview with a local tabloid, Daily News.

Praising his family, he added: “Of course, life is always in God’s hands and cancer is an unpredictable disease which can mutate. But as of now, I feel fully recovered and I’m raring to go.”

According to experts, patients diagnosed with stage one colorectal cancer have a 74 percent plus a five-year survival rate compared to 6 percent for those diagnosed in stage 4.

The disease starts off as small, non-cancerous clumps of cells called polyps. The silent but fatal disease may become cancerous when dangerous polyps are not identified and removed.

“Previously, cancer almost always meant certain death, but now people are finding long-lasting solutions. Of course, it’s important that people diagnosed with the disease, like all others who are unwell, are able to get all the necessary support medically and socially, which is why Zimbabwe must now come right,” revealed Tsvangirai.

In South Africa, one in 85 men and one in 144 women could develop colorectal cancer during their lives. Colon cancer is deadly. Chances of survival are low unless it is caught in its early stages.

People with average risk for colorectal cancer – no personal, family or medical history are urged to get screened from the age of 50 years and older.

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