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Mystical Activities: Judge Offers Goats as Divorce Settlement

Harare – The law is indeed an ass, if events unfolding in a divorce court case involving a Zimbabwe High Court judge are a true barometer. ...

Harare – The law is indeed an ass, if events unfolding in a divorce court case involving a Zimbabwe High Court judge are a true barometer.

After nearly 30 years of marriage, Justice David Mangota is offering goats as final settlement in their ongoing divorce case.

Justice Mangota’s rational is that his wife Roselyne owns goats purchased during their marriage, while he is entitled to all the cattle, according to the NewsDay.
High court Judge Offer Goats as Divorce Settlement 

“The plaintiff’s claim against the defendant is for a decree of divorce and an order declaring that the plaintiff is the sole owner of cattle acquired during the marriage and the defendant is the sole owner of goats acquired during the marriage,” Mangota pleaded.

A goat costs around $40, compared to a beast which fetches more than $300.

Mangota’s summons are however silent about matrimonial property, only mentioning livestock and personal belongings.

In addition, the judge has applied to the High Court to bar members of the public and Press from attending his ongoing divorce proceedings. The order seeks to protect judges’ salaries plus his private life.

“In this application, I am seeking protection against publication of the legal proceedings in the above-mentioned divorce proceedings as well as this application. I am a judge of the High Court and it is my view that my and the respondent’s private lives should not be placed in the public domain.”

He added: “The maintenance and retention of my privacy is necessary to retain my stature in the eyes of the public whose matters I adjudicate.”

Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander, Constantino Chiwenga made a similar application during his divorce case to his former wife Jocelyn. His wish was granted and the case and final settlement were subsequently not published.

“As can be noted from the joint pre-trial conference minutes, the issue of maintenance forms part of the trial and it is evident that I will have to disclose my salary and, as a result, my salary would be awash in the Press,” continued the judge.

“My salary as well as other judges’ (salaries) is a private issue which should not be publicised, but should remain a secret for the sake of the position a judge holds in society,” Mangota said.

Their nuptials were compromised due to divergent beliefs in cultural and mystical activities.

Due to recess at the High Court, their case will be heard next month. Respected human rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa is representing the wife. – NewsDay/

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