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Sangoma Plea: ‘In the ‘Name of Jesus’, Prophet Return my Goblins’

Harare – Musiiwa Denhere, 46, lived in the highway of prosperity, manipulating his three goblins to lure wealth. After years of deep indu...

Harare – Musiiwa Denhere, 46, lived in the highway of prosperity, manipulating his three goblins to lure wealth. After years of deep indulgence in the evil trade, he finally surrendered his tools of trade to Prophet Luke Chivasa in Gweru – broadcast live on television, in exchange of salvation.

After a stint in the ‘wilderness’, he now wants his goblins back or the prophet will encounter road accidents. Denhere has even approached police to assist him in recovering his goblins, since he is being spiritually tormented daily.

The Sangoma revealed his trouble in an exclusive interview with a local tabloid H Metro, recently.
Traditional Healer is Begging for his Tools of Trade Back

“I have now decided to engage the police so that they can assist me in recovering my goblins. I have also visited the District Administrator’s office seeking help. I hope this time l will recover my necromancy tools,” said Denhere.

A senior police officer stationed at Gweru Central police confirmed the shenanigans, saying Chivasa had since approached the law enforcement agency seeking advice on how to recover his goblins.

The tale has become a topical city gossip, as Denhere alleges that Chivasa took his goblins to use at his church to amass wealth and perform miracles, but he is demanding them back as they are still tormenting him.

Denhere alleges that he once threatened to strike down congregants from Chivasa’s ministry if he continues to withhold his necromancy tools but to no avail.

“I beg Prophet Chivasa in the ‘name of Jesus’ to return my goblins namely Chamufodya, Chavasikana and Chavakomana to me before they cause spiritual war,’’ he said.

After a short stint under the covering of Prophet Chivasa, Denhere has resolved return to his original vocation, and would soon be re-accepted and incorporated by the marine spirits he once despised to end months of sleepless nights and torture.

“I do not have any other option except to go back to what I was doing before. I no longer have a social life because my friends are now shunning me, my landlord chased me away from his house and I’m now a destitute,” decries the well-known sangoma.

During his heydays, Denhere owned a fleet of cars, living an excessive life courtesy of his evil trade by cleansing homes from evil spirits plus solving various social ills affecting his former clients.

“I want to sue him for defamation because he uses me in his church videos uploaded on YouTube to advertise his church calling himself Shumba Yevaroyi (foe of the witches) referring to me. This man completely ruined my life,” fumed Denhere.

Contacted for his input regarding the raging saga, Prophet Chivasa refused to speak to the press, electing to say, you can write what you want.

“I know what you want to ask me about, write what you heard regarding that issue as for me l won’t comment.” – H Metro/

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