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Bosso for Life: Sir Wicknell Chivayo in Football Controversy

Harare – Wicknell Chivayo is not far off from controversy. As debate between the Harare giants Dynamos and Highlanders over an abandoned ma...

Harare – Wicknell Chivayo is not far off from controversy. As debate between the Harare giants Dynamos and Highlanders over an abandoned match rages on, the showy businessman has fired an offensive post regarding the recent Bulawayo fiasco.

Chivayo who claims to be a sworn ‘Bosso’ fan has not sired far from dispute, and the latest one will elevate the already boiling tempers as football experts struggle to interpret the proper decision regarding the goal.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
The entrepreneur even alleges the referee’s verdict was stirred by match fixing.
Chivayo in Football Controversy 

“HIGHLANGA BOSSO FOR LIFE.......After our team scored an amazing goal the useless referee and drunk linesman decided to cheat us with an offside goal.........IT WAS VERY DISSAPOINTING TO SAY THE LEAST.....AT HIGHLANDERS FOOTBALL CLUB WE SAY NO TO MATCH FIXING.......,” wrote Chivayo on his Facebook page.

As always, his legion of followers was quick to react.

Simon Masumbanyika responded that Chivayo was a football novice.

“U Know nothing about offside rules,” replied Simon.

Not to be outdone, Chivayo fired back in abusive style, “You had no money to attend the match and you have no tv at home so your observation is baseless and nonsensical.”

Tinashe Chimuti tried to be sober in his input.

“But why supporters attacked the players of it was a an offside it was just going to be deliberated ka then goe yacho yoita cancelled, NOT to abandon GAME it’s NOT nyc Sir.”

Football pundits are burdened to conclude if the Dynamos striker was onside when he scored an equalizer that prompted wild scenes in Bulawayo. Similar scenes have been witnessed each time the two clubs clash.

“I am NOT a soccer fan hangu but honestly highlands supporters vanoshaya hunhu why calling another Zimbabwean kuti imbwa honestly zvichiri zvema sports here plz don't devide our lovely Zimbabwe,” added Chimuti.

Artwell Prince Rashid condemned the violent scenes: “And we say NO to hooliganism. Tese tikaita ma referees zvichaita here? Ku BF kunototyisa kuenda nevana nxaaa.”

However, some contributors are surprised Chivayo supports Highlanders.

“You are also a Bosso fan? Kindly tell your friend Phidza to withdraw kudelela,” exclaimed Mlungisi Dube.

Bullet Chokwadi agreed with Chivayo’s view.

“I agree with you sir for the first time munhu mukuru kkkkkkkkmkkkk.”

The former Warriors benefactor has been involved in sponsoring the national team. He even pampered some players with cars and trinkets. His involvement ended in a questionable manner.

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