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Brand Ambassador: Companies Fight to Hire Lameck

Harare – Is your relative being abused? Are you building or having a funeral? Maybe you have shoes to donate – then Team Lameck ‘Wrong Turn...

Harare – Is your relative being abused? Are you building or having a funeral? Maybe you have shoes to donate – then Team Lameck ‘Wrong Turn’ Chimoka is your man.

Since his elevation to instant stardom, albeit in an offensive fashion, Lameck has attracted the interest of sizable companies seeking his promotional abilities.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Subsequent to the fiery graveside speech denouncing his in-laws, Lameck received an avalanche of calls from corporates willing to manipulate his fame by endorsing their products.
Lameck is Being Chased by Big Companies 

But without the knowhow, Lameck is at the mercy of his clients, prompting a businessman to offer advice on how to manage and yield more from his eminence.

“Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub is all about excellence and being someone with the requisite experience in brand management. I will personally give him guidance on how he can tap from his new found fame,” Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (ZIBAH) chairperson, Takemore Mazuruse said.

Lameck, a brick maker is also a ZIBAH affiliate.

The recent entrepreneur to rope in Lameck is Fagio Marowa. His Donate a Shoe Campaign, targeting disadvantage schoolchildren, mainly in rural areas has benefited 1 480 kids.

“We are very happy with the progress made so far, we want to take the initiative to all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe and this year we are targeting to cover about 15 000 less privileged people, but mainly school going children,” said the Marowa of the Tinoda Trust.

Since 2016, the trust has collected old and new shoes to offer a smile to children in Mrehwa, Harare and Mt. Darwin. Churches, artistes, corporates and sympathisers have embraced the worthy campaign.

As of writing, a fan page bearing Lameck’s name has garnered thousands of followers on social media platforms, however, it is yet to be determined if the media sensation is involved in the project.

Team Lameck insignia has stormed the country.

A few years back, Tezvara gained traction for appearing at his daughter’s wedding in shorts. Unlike Lameck, Tezvara was reserved despite his viral recognition, electing to remain silent. – Sources

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