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Coward Strikes: Former Minister to 'Challenge Mugabe'

Harare – “I do not want ministers who are in the habit of running away. I want those I can call amadoda sibili (real men), people with spin...

Harare – “I do not want ministers who are in the habit of running away. I want those I can call amadoda sibili (real men), people with spine. Our revolution . . . was not fought by cowards. If some of you are getting weak-kneed, tell us and we will continue with the struggle.”

The above statement is alluded to President Robert Mugabe after the resignation of former Industry minister, Nkosana Moyo.

Now the ‘coward’ has returned to haunt Zanu PF by challenging for the presidential post in 2018.
Nkosana Moyo

Saluted for speaking out his mind, the former banker turned down offers by Dumiso Dabengwa and Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) to front their leaderless parties.

“When you look at the facts on the ground and beyond just Zimbabwe like sub-Saharan Africa, you notice there is one thing common in all our countries, the government of the day runs the country for the party and not for the citizens,” Moyo said to journalists.

The former minister added: “The government of the day runs the country for the benefit of party members as opposed to the benefit of all citizens. My view is that if I get involved in politics. You want a president who has got responsibility and accepts responsibility for all citizens and not for some citizens.”

Unlike the cultural way of elections, Moyo want to stand as an independent in 2018.

“A president is a president of a country not of a party. He or she should be capable of being a president even for those who did not vote for him or her. We don’t seem to have that maturity. My own view and conclusion is that for the time being, we need to try the idea of citizens being persuaded to vote for somebody who does not belong to a party.”

Moyo who allegedly sent his resignation to Mugabe from South Africa explained why he left the ministerial post.

“There are now 16 years since I left the Cabinet. And when I left, most people don’t know that a day before, I spent about one and half hours with the president telling him I was resigning. The press said I resigned from South Africa, which is not true,” he said.

His beliefs were not considered.

“I left because I realised that what I believed in the rest of the team didn’t believe in. I left because I did not view my job as an opportunity to loot money. Because I didn’t believe that being a minister is about looting money but about serving the nation,” said Moyo.

The South African based technocrat was handpicked for his expertise, though he did not belong to the ruling party.

According to online sources, Moyo is the founder and executive chair of Mandela Institute for Development Studies (MINDS) a South African organisation. He has represented his organisation at various World Economic Forum conferences where he has spoken about African leadership and building resilient institutions.

He sits on the boards of several companies including Old Mutual. Before founding MINDS, Moyo was Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the African Development Bank from March 2009 to August 2011.

Prior to joining the ADB Moyo was a Partner of Actis, a private equity firm investing exclusively in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He joined in January 2004 soon after the fund was started and he was the Managing Partner and served as Senior Advisor of Africa[5] He left in 2009. – Sources

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