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Daring Army: Drug Addicts Steal, Smoke Human Ashes

Drug addicts are known for their reckless and daring behaviour. The users invented the blue tooth act – whereby an intoxicated addict with...

Drug addicts are known for their reckless and daring behaviour.

The users invented the blue tooth act – whereby an intoxicated addict withdraws blood and injects another in a bid to get high as well.

But the latest trend among nyaope (also known as woonga or wunga) boys has shocked many…

Regular users have allegedly been stealing the ashes of dead people from the graves to smoke and get high.
Nyaope Smokers are Always 'Innovative' 

Cases of nyaope addicts who allegedly stole boxes containing the ashes of cremated people have been registered at Mooifontein Cemetery in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni and Avalon Cemetery in Soweto.

Workers at both cemeteries told the Daily Sun many graves had been vandalised, supposedly by nyaope smokers looking for ashes.

Families whose loved ones are buried in the cemeteries have asked the government to tighten security.

Norkem Park Police Station spokesman Captain Lesibana Molokomme said a number of cases had been opened over graves being vandalised at Mooifontein Cemetery.

“We have opened over five cases of vandalism,” he said.

Three suspects had been arrested but the cases were still in court. Molokomme couldn’t confirm that the graves were vandalised by nyaope addicts looking for human ashes to smoke.

Funeral Industry Regulatory Authority chairman Johan Rousseau said the government needed to take action against vandals. Johannesburg City Parks spokeswoman Jenny Moodley said they had not received any complaints about stolen ashes.

What is Nyaope?
Nyaope is a highly addictive, dangerous and destructive street drug, unique to South Africa.

Users are so desperate to make the drug that gangs have robbed anti-retroviral clinics in Soweto. A single hit can cost as little as R30 for a parcel or straw and is smoked by heating the cocktail of ingredients and inhaling the fumes.

Initially users feel euphoric or, when using heavier doses, a wonderful sense of relaxation, but the effects soon wear off and another hit is required. For some the less pleasant side effects include a painful stomach, muscle cramps and generally feeling really ill, but when these ease up, they use again.

Experts say just using it once is enough to get users hooked - similar to heroin addiction. Withdrawal is said to be especially harrowing and include symptoms of stomach cramps, insomnia, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Nyaope is a cocktail of illegal drugs. Both heroin and dagga, which are the main narcotic ingredients of nyaope, are listed as undesirable dependence-producing substances in the Drugs Act.

While it is not always clear what else nyaope consists of, and the ingredients vary from place to place, some of the alleged ingredients are a cocktail of anti-retroviral drugs, milk powder, rat poison, bicarbonate of soda and pool cleaner.

Users also report that, when using nyaope, they can go for days without eating, which in turn weakens their immune system and makes them vulnerable to infection. – Sources

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