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Election Strategy: Tsvangirai Courts S.ex Workers

Mutare – The economic crisis in the country has prompted juvenile girls to engage in prostitution. In 2013, only five percent of youth reg...

Mutare – The economic crisis in the country has prompted juvenile girls to engage in prostitution.

In 2013, only five percent of youth registered to vote in Zimbabwe, and for 2018, the opposition is not taking chances, making efforts to recruit everyone, including se.x workers.

For the forthcoming plebiscite, Movement for Democratic Change is encouraging more voter participation, with their ‘Bereka Mwana’ voter registration campaign going to Mutare recently.
Morgan Tsvangirai Poses with Some Women

Speaking to the Daily News, the MDC national youth league chairperson, Happymore Chidziva, said the group was affected by government’s failure.

“They are of importance to the struggle because they have been pushed into commercial se_x work due to the hardships they have faced. They will speak to the nation about how tough times have become.”

Desperate sex workers are now lining on roadsides in daylight seeking to attract clients.

“To call them prostitutes is to degrade them. We are targeting the girl child who is being abused by the current government to the extent of being forced to sell their bodies to survive. Their voices must be heard,” Chidziva added.

MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai was on a voter enticement recently.

“In our last election, only five percent of those between the age of 18 and 35 voted. I am now challenging all these young people because you are allowing us the old people to continue defining your future,” he said.

Youths have been affected by lack of jobs even the educated roam the streets.

“Let’s all go and register to vote. On voting day, we are not supposed to go home without casting our votes,” he added, “And simply going to vote is also not good enough. We must also defend our vote. We must not leave this duty to only a few people,” Tsvangirai said then.”

The majority of Zimbabwe’s electorate is below 40 years and these constitute 60 percent.

“Some of you don’t have national identity cards, others do not even make an effort to get these ID cards. Yet others don’t even come around on the days to register for elections. So, you are in effect saying the old generation must define your future,” revealed Tsvangirai to the daily tabloid.

Opposition parties have entered a coalition pact that will present one candidate to challenge the incumbent in 2018. – News

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