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Fru Ndi: Contestant Launches ‘Operation Win 2018 Elections’

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, has asked all party officials to make sure that the party wins;...

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi, has asked all party officials to make sure that the party wins; at least, two thirds of all Municipal, National Assembly and Senate Elections come 2018.

Fru Ndi was addressing SDF National Executive Committee, NEC, members who converged at the conference hall of the party over the weekend in Ntarinkon for their monthly meeting.

The SDF National Chairman tasked NEC and all Regional, District Chairpersons to descend to the field, register militants massively for next year’s elections.
Fru Ndi

“It is operation wining 2/3 of all Municipal, Parliamentary and Senatorial seats. There is no use spending money coming here and shouting, “Oh! I am a NEC member,” when you cannot win a Council in your area,” Fru Ndi averred.

Meantime, Fru Ndi called on the International Community to hold President Biya responsible for the ongoing crisis in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon. “If the situation we find ourselves now degenerates- because the way I see the speed at which we are descending a sharp cliff – then, we are in deep sh*t.

We are not safe in this country. My lawyers tell me that there are about 150 detainees arrested from the two Regions and dumped in Yaounde and, as we speak, there are still arresting people for simple offences and carrying them to Yaounde to charge them under the terrorism law.

I have told the Governor to tell his master that the military pressure mounted on unarmed civilians is uncalled for. Going round Northwest, you find gendarmes, police or BIR, forcing children to go under metal scanner checks.

You want to tell me that, out of a sudden, these children have become terrorists. I am told in the Southwest this torture is going on. Tell me if this is not an undeclared war on Cameroonians of English-speaking Regions. In the Centre, South Regions and the rest, no such thing is happening,” Fru Ndi fumed.

Explaining why the Anglophone Problem is making him restless, Fru Ndi said, if the Biya Government took into considerations the tons and tons of proposals tabled by political parties, religious bodies and civil society members, the problem could not be where it is today.

Fru Ndi called on trade unions dragging their church leaders to court because of nonpayment of salaries, to exercise a bit of patience and dialogue with the church leaders for a peaceful solution to their problems.

He commended the efforts of teachers of confessional schools for their hardwork and recalled that, if not of the enormous contributions of the likes of Sacred Heart College, Presbyterians and the Baptist schools, some of the Anglophones occupying posts in Government would have joined some Francophones to destroy the English System of Education.

On why he took a decision at the last minute calling on Mayors to attend May 20th celebrations when he had earlier called for non participation of his militants, Fru Ndi said he takes responsibility for such a decision he took because “our local administrators; DOs, SDOs, as supervisory authorities over Councils sometimes behave very funny when it comes to victimisation of the SDF Mayors.”

He said by the time he decided to send out the second memo to Mayors asking them to attend the occasion just by sitting at the grandstand, it was already too late to reach most of the Mayors.

The NEC members observed, with satisfaction, that the nonparticipation call at this year’s May 20 was a huge success and Government acted violently, sponsoring French-language newspapers to attack Fru Ndi and the party.

They regretted that instead of solving the Anglophone Problem, the CPDM instead employed diversionary tactics and paid French-newspapers to run- down SDF Chairman, on how he received over FCFA 6 billion from Government and turned round to be an ingrate.

NEC congratulated the Communication Unit of that party for re-launching the SDF Echo Newspaper and called on all top brass to sponsor the paper for sustainability. One of the editors, Denis Nkelemo said, within a month, they published five editions and the steam is continuing for militants to be informed about what is happening within and beyond Cameroon.

The SDF National Elective Convention, whose budget stands at FCFA 80 million, was confirmed for October this year and all the stakeholders were reminded to pay all their contributions for its success.

The National Executive Committee, congratulated the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, and condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester where over 22 people died. - Cameroon Post

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