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Good Sign: Gospel Preachers a Blessing to Zimbabwe

Harare – While Prophet Uerbert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri were being denied entry into Zambia and Botswana respectively – Christ Embassy ...

Harare – While Prophet Uerbert Angel and Shepherd Bushiri were being denied entry into Zambia and Botswana respectively – Christ Embassy originator, Chris Oyakhilome commonly called Pastor Chris was being pampered with unusual hospitality in Zimbabwe.

Pastor Chris’s maiden expedition has elevated Zimbabwe’s status as a Christian nation, after the country has earlier been graced by great servants of God in recent months.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Just like Pastor Chris, in late 2016, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills rolled into the country on crisscross crusades styled Heal Jesus Campaign with the government’s full backing and blessing.
Pastor Chris

“If you had not welcomed us, we could not have come. We thank the government for allowing us to preach everywhere. Pastors, you can use my books for reference, just like we use the bible written many years ago,” announced the prolific author.

The Ghanaian born preacher travelled to nine cities, attracting thousands of congregates, performing various miracles.

With his God-commissioned contingent of fulltime ministers, 10 000 chairs, 10 buses and trucks, the popular Evangelist has journeyed many African states. At the last count, they did over 132 campaigns worldwide, before Zimbabwe’s turn.

Pastor Chris contingent included celebrated Nigerian singers, Eben, Jahdel, Chris Shalom, Ada, Israel Strong and Buchi.

During his sermon, he confirmed Harare as a prayer destination.

“One of the things I thank God for is that this country has released so many ministers of God. It is a good sign,” he pronounced to an ecstatic packed National Sports Stadium in Harare.

Pastor Chris implored leaders to listen to citizens and shift direction for a better future, though the nation has encountered persistent economic turbulences.

“Your patience will be remembered. The quality of a nation is in its people. This country is a young democracy and it is time it matured,” added the Nigerian preacher.

The Worship and Communion Miracle Service became a lecture for political leaders.

“Don’t always insist that your way is the only way. As an educated country, you must deal with your differences in a highly cultivated manner, as you have always done so far.”

Despite the glaring challenges, Pastor Chris predicted a shift on Zimbabwe’s fortunes.

“Change direction, change strategy. You are going somewhere, you are making progress, you will overcome the difficult times,” Pastor Chris mentioned, before embarking on a healing and deliverance session. – Sources

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