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Group Party: Innocent Ladies Lured to Sexual & Drug Bash

Harare – It all looked innocent, with a lady inviting innocent women to join a social group strictly for women with a promise to enhance th...

Harare – It all looked innocent, with a lady inviting innocent women to join a social group strictly for women with a promise to enhance their lives.

The WhatsApp group, was plastered with nude images of a 21-year-old lady luring men for s.ex.

Leila Mamvura, the culprit would later organise a party purportedly to teach guests, where invited women were drugged and later abused by hired men.

Local tabloid H metro was secretly added to the explicit group to eavesdrop the shenanigans. The paper gathered that Leila was hired by men to gather women for a payment.
Dancing and Drug Parties in Town now Popular 

The guests were later drugged and sexually abused. Some of the victims were in their period, while one lady is due for marriage late this year.

Members were bitter after the incident.

“We were expecting teachings for group members that change our lives only to discover that Leila had organised men to drug and abuse us. Several women had unprotected s.ex with various men after they got drunk, including students,” complained one victim.

Three men are believed to behind the shameful event.

“Concerning the party that took place on Saturday there was a man called Talent who took advantage of a few young girls including Gamuchirai who stripped naked, he even slept with her that night,” said one party goer.

“He also has connections with Anopa also known as Bushido and Fungai known as Steezy who came later that night to take drunk young girls and go with them to lodges where they se_xually abused them,” she added.

Unprotected s.ex was the order of the day.

“Anopa took Anesuishe, a university student known as Slim, and slept with her the whole night, Fungai also took Dorothy that night and slept with her,” the source added, “They all slept with these girls without protection. Anopa, Talent and Fungai sponsored the party and used their riches to take advantage of young girls.”

Another group party is on offing soon in Avondale west.

Contacted for comment Leila could not deny or confirm the incident but only threatened H-Metro with unspecified action.

“If you continue sending messages to me I will deal with you.”

Hired thugs were recruited to deal with the writer if the story was published. Chats were circulating mocking the H metro journalist for exposing their underworld actions.

Wild sex parties, some involving school children have invaded Harare suburbs, resulting in drug and alcohol abuse. STIs and premature pregnancies often result from such encounters. – Metro

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