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Life Downsizing: Prophet Dumps Family with 35 Cents, Cohabits in Church

Call him crazy or whatever you like but the founder of Bread of Life Church Prophet Garikai Muvirimumi is moving with the difficult, prevai...

Call him crazy or whatever you like but the founder of Bread of Life Church Prophet Garikai Muvirimumi is moving with the difficult, prevailing times - and is living within his means. 

In the country companies are downsizing and a prophet is also” cutting down” on time he spends with his family.

Prophet Garikai Muvirimumi left his wife of 11 years Dudzai Kutehwandisho and two minor children in Cowdray Park claiming that he was trying to cut down on travelling costs.
Prophet Dumped Family to Cohabit in Church

Little did the woman know that the self-proclaimed man of God had a hidden agenda.

“My husband used to be the leader of New Apostles of Jesus weMasowe in Cowdray Park. We were leading the church together. He then said it was high time we got a central venue and that is the time we opened a new church Bread of Life in Makokoba.

“At the new church, he started having affairs with some other congregants behind my back and that is the time he decided to dump me. He just told me that it was best for him to move to church so he cuts on travelling expenses,” said Kutehwandisho.

She revealed that she never suspected anything as her husband promised to be coming home after every two days.

“Despite having left me with 35 cents, he never sent any money and when I asked him he just told me that he was broke, people had not brought any money into the church. I then visited him and to my shock, he had more blankets and clothes which was a sign that he was not going to come back home anytime soon.

“He just told me he was sleeping in church and had no money. I knew he was lying because he gets offering, tithes and congregants pay to have one-on-one consulations with him,” she said.

The woman then decided to carry out her own investigations and she discovered that Prophet Muvirimumi was in a relationship with another congregant.

“When I asked him about his games, he turned tables and started accusing me of being a prostitute saying it was over. I had to accept life’s fate because I was his fourth wife meaning it is his habit and he will never change.

“The problem is that he is refusing to support the children,” said the worried Kutehwandisho.

When Prophet Muvirimumi was contacted for comment, he denied the allegations saying: “That woman chased me out of the house, that is the reason I moved out. She told me she had found a better husband. Otherwise everything you are saying is rubbish.”

Kutehwandisho claims she failed to get help from congregants as no one had the capacity to approach the prophet inquiring about his marital issues. - B Metro

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