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Spiritual Spouse: Wife Enjoys Sex with Goblins, Finds Lady for Hubby

Harare – For an entire year, Alice Siyan’andu aged 26 denied her husband any sexual encounter, instead she was intimate with goblins the sh...

Harare – For an entire year, Alice Siyan’andu aged 26 denied her husband any sexual encounter, instead she was intimate with goblins the she was allegedly initiating.

In a bid to save her marriage, Alive even located another lady to satisfy her husband Mahohoma Mangena while she watched, though the arrangement lasted three months.

Derick Matsengarwodzi
Any attempt to be intimate with her husband would lead to death, according to spirits in her dreams.
Spiritual Spouses Trouble Many People 

“Evil spirits would come to me while asleep, instructing me that I should not sleep with my husband as they will kill me. Every time I tried to sleep with him I would get sick. Even if I tried to think of him I would vomit,” said Alice to H metro.

Mangena, the spouse revealed how it all began.

“The problem started after my mother-in-law Eniwe Chimusangano allegedly gave us a tree which she said was for protecting our homestead, he said. We used that juju as instructed, but since then my wife started behaving strangely,” revealed the troubled husband.

From that day, she claimed to be possessed with spirits that demanded s.ex daily.

“She would refuse to have s.ex with me, she was also possessed by spirit mediums which she says were demanding s.ex from her daily. Alice said spirit mediums instructed her to seek another wife for me to have s.ex with while she was watching,” added Mangena.

During intercourse with the standby wife Nomsa Vitori, Alice never felt jealousy though she watched every act.

The setup lasted only three months after Nomsa later refused the awkward setting. She was chased from the homestead by Alice. A traditional healer cleansed the wife, and they are enjoying life like before. The couple is blessed with five children.

Goblins can betroth themselves to someone and become a spiritual spouse that demands sexual favours, but often endangering marriages or love life.

According to Pastor Bryne Maungwe, spiritual spouses are evil spirits.

“Spiritual spouses are evil spirits, demons and the only solution is to seek assistance from God through deliverance, that’s why God sent his servants. The credence is that when your marriage is breaking up due to a husband, who seems to have lost interest in you, or you have serious gynaecological problems,” he mentioned.

“It is because you have a demon called a spiritual husband in the spiritual realm, causing all this in the physical life. It is also the case if you are getting older and no man is seriously approaching you for marriage,” he added.

A spiritual husband can block suitors and one needs deliverance to enjoy marriage.

Common signs of spiritual spouses
  • Sexual relationships in dreams
  • Hatred of marriage
  • Being jilted by serious partners
  • Missing one’s menstrual period in the dream
  • Pregnancy in the dream. – Metro

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