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Wicked Ultimatum: Lameck Vows to ‘Hunt Down Urine Witches’

Harare – Old Mabvuku suburb is identified for churning out great comedians, soccer stars – not sidelining  ‘ witchcraft ’ , according to ma...

Harare – Old Mabvuku suburb is identified for churning out great comedians, soccer stars – not sidelining witchcraft, according to man-of-the-moment, Lameck Makwiramiti ‘Wrong Turn’ or ‘Crocodile’ Chimoka, the latest hit from the ancient ghetto.

The man who rose to fame after his emotional outpouring caused by the alleged ill-treatment of his daughter at the hands of her inlaws – the late Mrs Tumba – has vowed to personally deal with all ‘urine witches in his area’.

Derick Mtasengarwodzi
According to the incensed father, his daughter is the third person to be targeted by so-called ‘urine witches’ – and Lameck in his wisdom will put an end to the evil trend.
Lameck 'Wrong Turn' has Vowed to Deal with 'Urine Witches'

“I was angry that an elderly woman would urinate in a bucket and pour it in my daughter’s face. We know that urine is used to unmask evil things. My daughter is the third victim, and I am warning these witches that we will sort them out,” said Lameck to a local vernacular, Kwayedza.

Lameck’s daughter, Angelica revealed how she was victimised by the departed woman.

Though Angelica still beieves the two are still in love, the boyfriend – Tafadzwa was quoted saying he wanted to focus on his studies, for now.

“When I eloped, I was accompanied by my aunties, Violet and Agness but we slept outside because we were refused entry into the house. The deceased urinated in a container and poured ii at us during the morning,” she revealed.

She was forced to live in the park due to the hostile environment at her boyfriend’s house.

During the burial of Mrs Tumba, Lameck appeared at the cemetery to the surprise of mourning congregates. He proceeded to utter words that will remain engraved in many hearts for a while.

In the video, Lameck said, he wished there was a television in Heaven to see the deceased, and he wanted to pursue and torment her. He further bragged of taking care of the child, showing off a tan boot he bought for the toddler.

As the story unbundles, the deceased’s husband – Regis Tumba accuses Lameck of being a ‘gold digger’.

“My wife was an ice cream businesswoman while Lameck lives in poverty. He wanted his daughter to be married with my son so that they can benefit from our wealth. She did not pour urine at his daughter as it is alleged by Lameck.”

Despite the denial, Lameck is seeking compensation from the Tumba family.

“I am seeking a cow as compensation to close this case. My daughter is a hairdresser and the boyfriend spends her earnings. The two are in love, but the deceased did not approve the affair,” said Lameck.

According to beliefs, pouring of urine is heavily associated with witchcraft common during sporting events, which Lameck vowed to put to an immediate end.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, wizards and cunning women and men used urine for diagnosing and curing illnesses caused by witchcraft. Boiling a person's urine helps determine if and how bewitchment has occurred. 

Urine is thenused to effect cures, usually by boiling, baking, burying or throwing it upon a fire. Ann Green, a witch or cunning woman of northeast England, said in 1654 that she cured headaches caused by bewitchment by putting a clipping of the victim's hair in his own urine, boiling it and throwing it on a fire. 

The fire was supposed to destroy the spell. Boiled urine also was said to cure nephritis. Urine boiled in a pot containing crooked pins was a common remedy for bewitchment.

“My daughter now takes her slary to her boyfriend who chased her, meaning she was bewitched,” beleieves Lameck. – Online Sources

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