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Fru Ndi: 'Demands Unconditional Release of Arrested Anglophones'

Embittered SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, has call on the powers that be to stop all the summarily arrest orchestrated in the Region by men ...

Embittered SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi, has call on the powers that be to stop all the summarily arrest orchestrated in the Region by men in uniform, stating that information reaching him indicates that it has been transformed in to a money making venture. 

People are arrested on trump up charges and taken to up station where those who can afford pay hundred of thousands to get release or ferried to Yaounde. 

Chairman Fru Ndi intimates that, “…If the Governor does not stop the several arrests which have been transformed in to money making, he will be considered as an accomplice.”
Anglophones Must be Released Unconditionally 

Leaders of the main opposition made these declarations during a fact finding mission by the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedom headed by the Chairperson, Chemuta Divine Banda, at the Regional office in Bamenda on February 2, 2017. 

Fru Ndi was emphatic that all the bans on trade unions as slammed by the Minister of territorial administration and decentralization. Government should start implementing what were arrived at as resolution by the adhoc committee meetings. 

Resume talks and unconditionally release all those arrested in connection with the strike, so that schools can resume. He intimated that the bullets can never force back the truth in to peoples’ stomachs. 

In respond to a submission made by the Chairperson of the National Commission of Human Rights and Freedom accusation of the demonstrators that they do not know how to carry out a peaceful demonstration, Fru Ndi, hammered that it is not true rather those who ignite violence are the men in uniform who shoot at armless demonstrators. 

He posits that demonstrators begin with green leaves and when they are being shut at with life bullets, that are when they get to stones and today the rubber gun has surfaced. 

The torture that students in Buea were subjected to was not humane and wonders aloud that if the Head of State daughter was among those girls who were being asked to roll in the mud, Mr. Biya would have burnt down the whole nation.

In the same vein, the Director of the Center for Human Rights and peace advocacy, Chongsi Ayeah Joseph who doubles as United Nations representative in Cameroon hinted that from reports of torture perpetuated by State machinery across the country is gradually qualifying Cameroon to some day face the international Criminal Court of Justice to answer charges on human rights violations. 

To Fonso Michel of CONMINSUD, government should stop what he termed as State terrorism and systematic marginalization of the Anglophone Regions. NCHRF visited all the detention centers in Bamenda to ascertain the prison conditions under which those arrested are placed. 

The Chairperson assured the public that the commission has been doing a lot of work reasons why there is gradual release of those who were arrested and taken to Yaounde and more to that the detention conditions in Yaounde are better that those in Bamenda. 

He buttressed that when any got ill, they are taken to the hospital. This issue of a mentally sick minor Kinga Valentine, who was also arrested and taken to Yaounde, as testified by his mother, Chemuta promised to work on that file to have him released. 

At Press time some members of the all Anglophone Trade Union suspended the Teachers’ strike that has paralyzed the two Anglophone regions in demand for educational reforms in English subsystem. 

This was after consultation with North West Governor with no more solidarity with other Leaders who are either in detention or are on the run from the fierce looking security forces. - Online Sources

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