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London Attack: Video Emerges of Police Shooting 3 Men

A video has emerged showing armed police shooting dead the three men who carried out the London terror attack. CCTV footage shows the thre...

A video has emerged showing armed police shooting dead the three men who carried out the London terror attack.

CCTV footage shows the three men attacking a pedestrian in Borough Market before charging at armed officers. The men are then shot dead.

It comes after police investigating Saturday's attack - which left eight people dead - made three fresh arrests during raids in east London. In total, 17 people have been arrested and five remain in custody.

Police have named Youssef Zaghba, a 22-year-old Moroccan-Italian man who lived in east London, Khuram Butt, 27, from Barking, and Rachid Redouane, 30, who also lived in Barking, as the men who carried out the attack.
Metropolitan Police

The three men drove into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing people in Borough Market.
The new footage - which first emerged on social media - shows police shooting dead the men within seconds of arriving in Borough Market.

Police have been praised for ending the attack within eight minutes of the first 999 call. The video shows a person walking into shot, before being chased and apparently being stabbed by the three men.

While the attack is ongoing, armed police arrive, prompting the three men to then charge at officers. However, the three men are shot dead within seconds. Armed officers can then be seen examining the bodies of the men, who were wearing fake suicide vests.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has said 46 shots had been fired at the three attackers by eight police officers - five from the Met and three from the City of London force.

The footage makes both compelling and harrowing viewing. The first grainy images show a man being set upon by the three attackers as he walks along one of the narrow roads around Borough Market.

They repeatedly stab him, bundling him to the ground, before a police car arrives. Armed officers, guns raised, get out of the car. Six seconds later the attackers are dead. The speed, professionalism, nerve and expertise shown by the firearms officers shines through in the video. Their actions undoubtedly saved many lives.

Separately, CCTV footage of Butt, Redouane and Zaghba apparently meeting at about 00:10 BST on Monday 29 May - five days before the attack - has also been published by the Times. The film shows the men meeting outside a gym in Barking, according to the newspaper.

It shows Redouane throwing his mobile phone on the floor and walking off camera with the other two attackers, for about 10 minutes, before returning to collect his mobile. The footage has been passed to police, the Times added.

On Wednesday night, two men were arrested on a street in Ilford, the Metropolitan Police said. A 27-year-old man was held on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts, while a 33-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply controlled drugs.

A third man, aged 29, was arrested on suspicion of the preparation of terrorist acts at an address in Ilford. The other two men arrested were held under the Terrorism Act earlier on Wednesday - a 30-year-old detained in Ilford and a 27-year-old in Barking.

Twelve people arrested after the day after attack have been released without charge. NHS England said 29 patients remained in London hospitals, with 10 in a critical condition. A British Transport Police officer who was seriously injured after confronting the three attackers armed only with a baton has said he did "everything I could" to fight them off.

The officer, who has not been named, has been praised for his bravery, and added: "I want to say sorry to the families that lost their loved ones. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more." The family of French national Alexandre Pigeard, a waiter at Boro Bistro, in Borough Market, said he was stabbed to death while working on the restaurant's terrace.

"Alexandre was a marvellous son, a perfect older brother and a radiant young man," they said in a statement. "All his friends praised his kindness, his good humour and his generosity." On Wednesday, police searching for French national Xavier Thomas, 45, said they had recovered a body from the Thames, bringing the death toll to eight.

Meanwhile, the prime minister of Spain said Ignacio Echeverría, 39, who died defending a woman with his skateboard, should be given a posthumous award - the Silver Cross of the Order of Civil Merit. Mr Echeverría was from Madrid and was working for HSBC bank in London.

The others killed in the attack have been named as Sebastien Belanger, 36, from France, Australians Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden, Canadian national Chrissy Archibald, and James McMullan, from Hackney, London.

It earlier emerged that Khuram Butt was known to police and MI5 in 2015, but the Metropolitan Police said there had been no evidence of a plot. Butt had appeared in a Channel 4 documentary The Jihadis Next Door, broadcast last year.

An Italian police source confirmed to the BBC that Youssef Zaghba had been placed on a watch list, which is shared with many countries, including the UK.

In March 2016, Italian officers stopped him at Bologna airport and found IS-related materials on his mobile phone. He was then stopped from continuing his journey to Istanbul. But speaking at her house in Bologna, Zaghba's mother told the BBC she believed her son was radicalised in the UK.

Rachid Redouane claimed to be a Moroccan-Libyan. He married a British woman, 38-year-old Charisse O'Leary, in Dublin in 2012. His ex-wife said she was "deeply shocked, saddened and numbed" by his actions. - BBC

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